Friday, August 14, 2020

Burnaby's Deer Lake Park

Burnaby's Deer Lake

It was a sunny Friday and we asked ourselves where to go for a morning walk.  Jay suggested Deer Lake because it is less than 7 kilometers from here.  It felt like a familiar road because I used to travel Canada Way to get to the BCIT Burnaby campus for many years.  However, we seldom need to go that route nowadays.

We'd walked at the park many times, but had never made the complete loop around the lake.  The far end of what used to be part of the lake is now marshland.  We didn't walk all the way to Willingdon, but just crossed around the end of the lake proper.

Burnaby's Deer Lake

Burnaby's Deer Lake

Burnaby's Deer Lake 
It was pleasant weather as the breeze was still cool in the wooded areas.  Some folks, but definitely not hordes, were out on the trails.  Now that we're retired we prefer discovering the great outdoors on weekdays as there are far fewer crowds.

Burnaby Lake is peaceful and seems, at times, miles away.  However, the continued construction around Metrotown is merely a hop/skip as witnessed by the looming residential towers in the background of some photos.
  Burnaby's Deer Lake

Burnaby's Deer Lake  Burnaby's Deer Lake

Once we saw a coyote when walking at the lake.  Today, however, we saw mainly birds.   Our loop was only around four kilometers according to my Mi Band.  So on the way home, we topped up our EV's battery to 80% at Queen's Park in our own city.  We were plugged in only 16 minutes.

I am glad we walked where we did.

Burnaby's Deer Lake

Burnaby's Deer Lake 
Burnaby's Deer Lake

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Owning My Own Days

I love each day when it arrives. 

Try to remember back to the time you were a school kid but before you had a summer job. Think back to a time when one's main accomplishment might have been wearing out a pair of canvas sneakers. I haven't been biking around the neighbourhood lately, but I suppose I could buy one. You are starting to get the idea of what early retirement means.
  Construction Site Prep  
Part of my experience is watching our city grow. 

From the end of our shortened parkade structure, a brand new pedestrian bridge spans the rail crossing and connects to Westminster Pier Park. Next to it is a major construction project.  I took this picture a few hours ago.  

Years back in history, the area sported canneries. However, from the time we moved here in 1996, it had been empty and used as pay parking for the Quay. Finally, we're going to have some neighbours in two towers of 43 and 53 storeys. Yes, we'll lose a bit of our view from the balcony but we'll gain an added piece to a revitalized downtown.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Rings and Things

Burning Through Sample Filament It was an ordinary Wednesday. Jay and I decided to buy fruit and vegetables up on Kingsway. We were happy to see it's now the time for local, British Columbian peaches. However, this means that our wonderful cherries will soon disappear from the shelves. 

The weather continued to improve throughout the day. At noon, the weather wasn't nice enough to walk around Queen's Park and power up Kimchi, our EV. We usually keep our car's battery between 60% to 80% full.  Doing so gives us a pleasant 20-minutes in which to walk to park's rose garden and back. 

I still have most of my 0.3 kg sample roll of ugly, translucent-red filament to burn though. It came with my 3D printer.  I'm gaining confidence as to how this PLA (biodegradable thermoplastic polymer) prints. I sent the ring to the printer without scaling to my ringer finger, so the photo shows it on my pinkie. I liked to see how the  hundreds of layers were added in order to create the holes. It was very interesting to check in and watch its progress. 

Below is one of the first practical items I printed this afternoon.  Thanks go to artu66 for his design on Thingiverse. The original design fit the bottom props perfectly when stored. I modified the design to get a better fit for those on top.
  Useful Prop Holder

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

My Flashforge Adventurer 3

My 3D printer arrived today.  Loomis Express got it here 'safe and sound' from Ontario.  I must have matured because I didn't immediately rip off the cardboard.  I took my time unboxing it.  In fact, I took our usual afternoon nap prior to unpacking the Adventurer 3.

Unboxing Soon!

Unboxed Today

Part of insuring it works is printing a sample box.  The file was already in its memory before I plugged in the unit.  I had purchased a 1 kg spool of white PLA filament.  However, that spool is too big to fit neatly into the side compartment.  I will have to print off an external spool holder for ones which are too large in diameter.

I don't really like the red-transparent sample spool.  However, my little box printed fairly well.  It is a little mesmerizing watching the print head go to and fro and the cube grow from the hot nozzle.   It took ten minutes for this tiny piece.  Some print jobs can take many hours, I guess!

Printing the Test Box

Printing the Test Box

Unfortunately, I have to hide away the smart-looking, little unit.  Just about the only suitable place for it is in the entryway closet.  Our apartment is so small the wifi signal is strong enough in this location.  These shelves were put in by Joel Thomas on a trip here a long, long time ago.  This Flashforge device is too cute for this out-of-the way spot, but it'll work.

Too Cute for This Place

Monday, August 10, 2020

BC Weather at its Finest!


I'll gladly take one more month of this, please!

Sunday, August 09, 2020

Five from the Ground and Five from the Air

This was a perfect, August morning.  We spent a little time deciding whether to drive far or stay close.  We chose to get a little walk around a part of our own city again.  

We took the car over to Queensborough, a neighbourhood on an island in the Fraser River.  Point Royal, on the eastern tip of land, is where the Fraser splits into its north and south arms.  It is also a great place to look across the water to the Quay and downtown New Westminster.  In fact, this river location is why New West was BC's original, capital city.

The area was predominately still industrial when we arrived in this city.  Over the last couple of decades the entire end has been transformed to mainly residential.   I like the area a lot and we walked a couple of kilometers.  Many folks were on bike paths too.  As well, I brought my drone along.  Therefore, I've picked through today's many photos to choose five taken from the ground and another five which were taken with my Mavic Mini.

FROM THE GROUND Queensborough Sunday Morning Walk

Queensborough Sunday Morning Walk

Queensborough Sunday Morning Walk


Queensborough Sunday Morning Walk  
FROM THE AIR Most of the Quay and Downtown New West

Colourful Boxes

A More Traditional View

Community Garden Spaces

Edmonds on the Hill

Saturday, August 08, 2020

I've Barely Mastered 2D Printing

FlashPrint Software  
My Flashforge 3D printer should be get here by Tuesday.  The Adventurer 3 is going to be fun and a tad more complex than printing with my first Epison dot-matrix printer of 1986.  I'll be the first to admit that, although noisy and slow, it seemed like pretty amazing technology at the time too.

Friday, August 07, 2020

Keeping Track of My Days

GojiI usually rely on photos to tell my story. This is simply an online diary for my life since 2003. I'm a little better at snapping things from my day because my phone is always with me.  Today, the weather was not too great. Consequently, there are no beautiful park pictures today. Yet, the photos of these two items are pretty good at reminding me of my Friday.  

We did go uptown so Jay could buy a load of items at Galloway's on Sixth Street. He got a bag full of grains, and dried fruits, etc. I parked on the roof of the mall and wandered around in the Walmart until Jay caught up. One change I've noticed is that we've taught ourselves to always use Walmart's self-checkout kiosks now. 

Upon getting home, the Amazon guy came with my first roll of white, PLA filament. It is still going to be four or five days before my 3D printer arrives. I did watch a few YouTube videos about the Flashforge Adventurer 3. It's odd that I'm doing some of my research after I've already committed to this particular model. It helped reinforce my decision. However, just like this spring's drone, I think it may end up eventually being my initial device. Some items are like gateway drugs for the purchase of future upgrades.

My New Type of Consumable

Thursday, August 06, 2020

It's About the Size of a Breadbasket

I do realize that dollar shops are bursting at the seams with cheap, plastic doodads.  I'm also aware that we have little space for new junk in this apartment.  Most importantly, I can think of no pressing need to start playing with this technology.
Flashforge Adventurer 3
Nevertheless, I just ordered a Flashforge Adventurer 3.  If I had ordered through Amazon, I could've had a device sitting here by tomorrow.  Instead, I purchased though DigitMakers in Ontario because this model was considerably cheaper and I often prefer to make purchases through a Canadian supplier.  This means, however, that I won't have one in my hands until sometime next week.

I feel as though I'm a little late to this game but it does seem like an applied science worthy of study.  My printer will allow me to get a grasp of the basics.  Many school children already have hands-on experience with 3-D printing nowadays.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

New Westminster's Hume Park

Miniature Hike  
Yesterday morning's little park trip went so well, Jay and I decided to do another. For some reason driving to a city park and then going for a walk feels doubly good. 

The driving part no longer feels anywhere near as wasteful in our EV. We know the power we're consuming was produced by falling water and was safely transported from a dam in northern BC to our vehicle in milliseconds. 

The great weather continues.  Today, we chose to visit to Hume Park. We parked in the lower section right beside the Brunette Creek.  Our car was parked in our city but within meters of the city borders of Burnaby, and Coquitlam. The lower area and the uppermost areas of the Hume Park are divided by a wooded ravine. We walked the little trail up and back, and made a mini-hike out of it.
  Lower Hume Park

Lazy August River

Upper Hume Park

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

New Westminster's Grimston Park

I guess an advantage of not going far is being able to see what's near.  When it's warm, it's great to spend time outside even if it is in town.

Today, "the park of the day" was in New Westminster's West End.  We always see the NEW WESTMINSTER WELCOMES YOU from the SkyTrain but even after all these years, we'd never taken turns standing in it.

As well, we walked to the new pedestrian and bike bridge which was completed last summer.  It provides access over the highway and connects the Metrotown, Queensborough, and downtown New West paths. 

The Signs Says It All

Jay in New West

Park of the Day

Monday, August 03, 2020

Happy BC Day!

British Columbians have had a long weekend. The weather has been very cooperative for this one. What a great time for a Canadian civic holiday! Of course, we did much less than during previous years. COVID-19 has made this a bit of a non-summer. However, one cannot deny its beauty.
   Droning from Uptown

I did shoot this photo with my drone this morning. We plugged in 'Kimchi' for around twenty minutes which provided just enough time for a short flight near the baseball fields at the edge of Queen's Park.  The Fraser River can only be seen from this location when one gets up above the trees.

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park


Burnaby Trail

This surely isn't the usual long weekend of the summer!  Pride took place today only online and not in a colourful, downtown parade.  We didn't head to Vancouver at all.  In fact, I don't think we've taken the SkyTrain since returning to the region at the end of March.

I opened Google Maps again with the goal of finding additional parkland which is near but that we've never seen.  Last Sunday, we went a little ways upriver.  Today, we drove just a bit down Marine Way in search of a bit of more green along the river.  We found that almost the entire Fraser River shore of Burnaby is accessible by a trail.   We didn't walk far but were quite near Boundary Road.  Blackberry bushes had been cut back, but we still managed to eat some during the little walk.  Large housing developments are spilling over the hill from Vancouver and Burnaby.   I guess it's good that in a formerly industrial area, river access has been maintained for the public.

The Working Fraser River

Development Near Boundary Rd.

Waiting Logs

Saturday, August 01, 2020

New Access to Westminster Pier Park

New 6th Street Pedestrian Bridge  
Yesterday, Jay noticed people walking on the new, Sixth Street, pedestrian bridge to Pier Park. It runs over the rail tracks and gives an alternate way to approach the Fraser River. We saw the lights, but it appears as though these are just temporary lights. The project is far from finished as the stairs, kids' playground, and landscaping are not complete. We took a walk over at close to 9:00 pm. It is nice to say we were among the first to stroll down the ramp.
  Just Do It

Friday, July 31, 2020

Nearly Three Weeks to Arrive

Care Package  
Jay received a care package today. It came from his sister in Sri Lanka. With the collection of items were many, assorted COVID-19 masks. That country has done, and continues to do, a much better job coping with the pandemic when compared to here.

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