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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Semi-Formal Attire for Gala Nights at Sea

We do not often wear suits unless someone gets married or dies. Yet, getting dressed for dinner does occasionally feel good.

June 7 At Sea (Formal)
Scandinavia / Russia Cruise - June 7, 2016

We hardly ever eat out at fancy restaurants, but we are lucky to find ourselves on cruise ships once in a while. Each cruise line caters to a slightly different clientele. One reason we value Holland American over other lines is they maintain many old-style sailing traditions. Next month's round-trip Alaskan cruise has two 'gala nights' during the week we are aboard.

Today, we left our suits uptown at the dry cleaner.

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Crowded Inside Passage

If you happen to read this before Saturday, June 29, 2019, then you will be seeing exactly where we will be in four weeks. Our second-ever Alaska cruise is during my birthday week. I will be 60 years old on July 23rd and we are going to be in Ketchikan for the whole day.

Click the map's + or - to adjust the zoom level: 'MS Nieuw Amsterdam'.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

A Slow Sunday

In my continuing effort to document life, I put something daily into this space. Even when nothing extraordinary happens, something lands here. At least, even from the very onset, my eJournal and images has used pictures.

Royal City Centre

This picture was taken just inside the entrance of the Royal City Centre. It was a dark and cool day, so we didn't venture much further than uptown. At the mall, we always park on the roof, come down the elevator, and walk through Walmart. We went out to the front just to add a few extra digits to our daily step-count on my Mi Band.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

I'm Ready to Sweat this Summer

Oh my God! Today is the very first full day of summer and I ran out of Snake powder, my favourite brand.

Snake Brand

Phew. I remembered to pick up another can in SE Asia last winter. I'm all set with a brand-new tin of cooling body powder. It can be purchased on Amazon by resellers but is dirt cheap in Malaysia and Thailand.

Friday, June 21, 2019

It'll Arrive by Post

I had sufficient time for the renewal because my driver's license would have expired on my birthday and that is still more than a month away.

Five Years Already?

Today, however, I went to the Metrotown Mall to get a new one. I had to wait more than 20 minutes until B030 was displayed on the electronic sign. My actual time with the agent was quick and painless. Well, it was nearly painless unless you consider that $75 fee. I got a printout on the spot but my actual license won't show up in my mailbox until next week. I'll need to do this again in five years.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Beer for My Thoughts

I always figured I could do just about anything I wanted. I mean, I might not choose to do something but I probably could have figured it out. I certainly don't enjoy everything. For example, plumbing is not a favourite task. I don't really have the manual dexterity to repair small, complex machinery; nor do I have the patience to accomplish some jobs.

Yet, I consider myself a modern-day Renaissance Man. So many people offload responsibilities to others for the sake of convenience, I guess.

Today, we were at our bank setting some financial goals for the upcoming year. I never doubted I should prepare my own taxes nor choose my own personalized financial strategy. There are dozens of things that I deem important enough to at least initially try to do oneself.

Lastly and most importantly, I am absolutely sure of a few things. One is the fact I will finish this beer now.

Beer in a Can

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Planning for Winter in June

I find the process of our planning for winters fascinating. It is an organic technique spread out over many, many months. Of course, we start with a very healthy lead-in and tend to purchase broad items such as flights first. Then, we continue to add particulars as the time nears. The last details happen in real time as the activities unfold. (I wish I'd known about the field of logistics as a course of study when a teenager thinking about possible career options.)

Today, we filled in some intermediate details and added flights and a hotel room to next winter's plans. It's not all that many months until our October 31st departure date! Apparently, last winter's experiences are colouring our current decisions. We realized we have a favourite part of Kuala Lumpur and wanted to spend several in-transit nights in our familiar area. For Jay and I that means being right in the thick of things.

Iconic Kuala Lumpur
Masjid Jamek: At confluence of Gombak (left) and Klang (right) Rivers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. - January 2019

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Silver Reef Casino

Buffet Time

I thought we might need some buffet-eating practice before next month's Alaskan cruise. Well, not really. Going to a buffet is sort of like riding a bicycle; once one has practiced, it's a skill not likely to be forgotten.

In reality, we decided it was a good day for a drive to Bellingham, WA. Today's 150 KM round-trip took longer than expected because the border-wait time going south was about 45 minutes. We also needed to park while US border security had an additional, close-up look at Kimchi, our EV. What luck, a random inspection! That little annoyance took less than five minutes though. On the other side of the border, we stopped at the first rest stop for around ten minutes. While we used to boys' room, the car got a few extra kilometers of power.

Kimchi at an I-5 Rest Stop

We did visit the Fred Meyer on Bakerveiw Road in Bellingham. We bought just a few grocery items, mostly on-sale apple juice. Then we headed north again to Exit 260. That is the way to the Silver Reef Casino.

Silver Reef

We are not regular visitors at this establishment. In fact, I think we may have only been once after it initially opened. Today, we did open free membership cards and were given $5 on them to play slots. Jay cashed out with $9.41 but I only had a couple of dollars left. We also received $5 vouchers towards food. It was around 12:30 PM, so we went to the buffet. On Tuesdays, their buffet costs just $7.77 and was the reason we went there today. With the unexpected discount, the two of us ate for less $6 in total. We feel that both probably ate too much as well.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Getting a Charge Out of the Park

For a number of years, I've considered walking an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Whereas I used to exit directly from the front door of my building, today I found myself driving up to Queen's Park first.

Skater Bois

My change of choice has to do with my new vehicle. Up at Queen's Park the city installed several EV chargers using excess power available on the street lighting circuit. Rather than lighting up the night, the power went into my KONA battery. Access to public charging is important for me due to the fact my condo does not yet have EV accessible facilities. While enjoying the park, I can stay plugged into the Level 2 power. I went from 84% to 93% battery charge in an hour. The GOM shows about 450 KM of range now.

Thank you, New Westminster! Your beautiful environment and free hydroelectric power really allow me to enjoy nature.

Banana Background

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Just 17 KM from the Apartment

Port Moody

It was much too nice to sit around the apartment today. Jay and I got in the EV. We drove to Port Moody and enjoyed walking around its Rocky Point Park. Of course, lots of folks were launching boats, picnicking, and plenty were sharing the grass with geese and goslings.

There are so many highrise developments under construction along the SkyTrain route from North Road. The area around Lougheed is destined to soon become a new urban city-center. We took Kimchi today but I'd not mind taking the SkyTrain someday so I could again hit and fully enjoy Port Moody's Ale Trail.

Rocky Point Park

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Things in the Closet

Question of the Day: Is it time to calculate today's expenditures or simply relax a pair of tired feet?

Tired Feet?

Friday, June 14, 2019

They May Never Forget

Elephants may never forget but the Internet should.

I have decided to keep one year of email; everything older gets nuked. I now keep just one month of Facebook and Twitter postings. That's enough.

Elephant Orphanage, Sri Lanka, 2004

One collects enough baggage from life's experiences without the need to hang on to one's own electronic debris.

I am happy this new link exists for Google's web and app activity, even though it was introduced because of EU legislation.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

And Farm Animals in the Summer ...

Chances are if you notice a picture of a cow in my blog, then it was summertime in BC. We actually live in the center of the most populated part of the province, but our city has a nice tradition for kids.

Water Play
Lots of Attention
More Goat
Back at the Park

I love Queen's Park. Today we stopped there before doing errands. Lots of children from daycare and summer school programs were visiting. It was so crowded with little ones, we had a hard time getting near the cow. That creature is going to go through petting withdrawal symptoms come Labour Day when the park's farm area closes. Our city is small and we don't have as many facilities as surrounding communities, but it's hard not to feel at home in New Westminster, BC.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

At Our City's Green Heart

Queen's Park Rose Garden

I shared a Spotify playlist on Facebook this morning. The song which prompted the action was by Billy Ocean and a hit about 33 years ago.

The Gaz

Konas PluralI was relaxing at Queen's Park's Rose Garden at that moment. The weather was pleasant and it was promising to breach 30°C.

While I grooved on old music, my car was plugged into a free municipal charger. It is one of five, Level-2 locations in New Westminster where EV chargers were fitted into street-lighting circuits. When the city changed from old types of lighting to LEDs, excess capacity became available even during nights. BCIT colaborated using this excess to allow streetside EV charging.

When I returned to the pole after a walk around the park, I noted that another Hyundai KONA Electric was also charging. Unfortunately, it seems as though when two vehicles are in one location, the power is divided with each receiving only half the output. I still appreciated the gratis electricity which rewarded me several times over for the power used by my trip up there.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

New Westminster's Our Primary Home

We've been waiting for a couple of months for weather like this.

Downtown New West

Jay and I generally spend the months of November through mid-April in warm places. Sometimes, after getting back to British Columbia, it takes a few months for the weather to catch up to our preferred temperatures.

However, beginning this week, it looks as though it has arrived. We're in celebration mode. So are the area's plants, community gardens, and other flora and fauna.


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