These images are 8 random "Daily Pictures" from my Flickr collection dating back to 2005.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Spotting Cranes in a Local Park!

I just happened to be in the area at the right time. I was walking along the east end of the municipal parkade, when a key component for the walkway to the Westminster Pier Park was being put in place. The cranes were the mechanical type. A new walkway above the rail tracks, stairs, and an elevator should be completed later this year. It will greatly enhance the accessibility from this end of downtown.

I have a very thorough collection of the park's construction on Flickr. The first main phase of Westminster Pier Park was completed several years ago, so I've not added pictures for quite some time. I did add today's photos.

2014-07-24 10.03.36
2014-07-24 10.06.42 2014-07-24 10.08.22
2014-07-24 10.10.36 2014-07-24 10.12.34

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Have the Greatest Job!

As a student, I never had to go to school on my birthday. Similarly, during the majority of my teaching years I have been off on July 23rd. Yet, during the past few years, I have been teaching summer courses at BCIT. This means the date can very well fall on a class day.

It did today.

I generally get to the class at around 8:15 for my 8:30 class. With the present group I'm teaching, I have never gone into an empty room. Strangely, the lights in NE 1 Room 403 were still off when I got there. I figured this might have to do with the day itself. The session following our midterm examination can be a little lower-key than usual. It's not an exciting point in the term. Still, no one had arrived as 8:30 approached. Strange!


I walked to the elevator to head downstairs. I heard quite a ruckus from the shaft. The doors opened and my entire group exited, carrying a cake, and singing, Happy Birthday! I cut the cake which we ate during breaktime. How thoughtful! I really am blessed with the greatest groups at BCIT. Oh, and the chocolate cake was great too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Crowned Jewel of Parks?

On the way to the vegetable shop, we wanted to relax bit in Queen's Park today. It ended up being a rather trying time for me. First, I wanted to hug a goat at the Petting Farm enclosure. Unfortunately all the bratty, little kids had chased the animals into the off-limits resting zone. The pigs were hiding in the shady mud as well. The peacocks wouldn't come within six feet of the wired-walled shelter. There was one slightly-deranged turkey running around available for contact. It would probably have been deemed safe, but it had a rather rather wild look in its eyes. The look indicated it, for some reason, had a personal vendetta against just me. I stayed far away.

I had to be satisfied poking my fingers through some wires to touch several of the dozens of rabbits. I really felt as though I left them unimpressed.

Queen's Park
What's up, doc?
I Never Promised You

At least the next-door Rose Garden area was pretty. Sadly, there were posted signs, however, stating that some sort of blight had crews spraying chemicals.

Why do I love visiting that park so much? LOL.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Birth(day) Week to Me!

Some cakes are too much for just one day.

Early Birthday Cake

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Its 4 U! - "You no U Wannit"

It is nice knowing that even though Weird Al has been around for forever, he can still go viral. You will probably see this video a lot over the next few days, especially if you know pretentious English teachers.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Celebrating Diversity

Today, the weather wasn't the greatest but it didn't actually rain! We try not to miss at least one day of Surrey's Fusion Festival. Getting there by taking the SkyTrain is easy as Holland Park is a quick walk from the end of the Surrey line.

We got there in time for the Sri Lankan cultural dancers. The Festival has three main stages for a variety of cultural shows. Many booths are run under the flags of different nations. These represent some active immigrant communities in the Lower Mainland. A main attraction is the foods sold through a ticket system. Some tents have tourism information or items for sale from the particular area.

2014-07-19 13.29.20
2014-07-19 14.01.12
2014-07-19 13.36.58

We weren't there a very long time. As I was watching the Peruvian dance troop, a Chinese guy wearing a Sikh turban stood next to us. It seems a very Canadian value to encourage immigrants not cast aside their former identities to adapt to a new country. Respecting and even enjoying each others' diversity is a core belief. I am very comfortable not wanting everyone to jump into a homogeneous melting pot.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Choose, Order, and Wait

I wish I were putting a photo of my own equipment here. Unfortunately, this image is simply from the Internet. I ordered it yesterday through an ebay seller. I didn't wait to win an auction preferring instead to simply buy now.


Making the order didn't provide a whole lot of instant gratification. My Minix NEO X8-H has been shipped from Hong Kong. I have ordered other equipment, such as phone batteries, directly from China in the past. Standard post is generally efficient and I never had anything damaged while in transit over the Pacific. My most recent order states in print that it should arrive between July 30th and August 21st. That's a pretty big window! I surely hope it is closer to the former than the latter.

It was coincidental that on the same day I ordered an Android TV media box, Microsoft announced layoffs of 18,000 employees. I was just thinking that I used to be excited about software created from down the road in Redmond. That surely happens far less frequently nowadays.