These images are 8 random "Daily Pictures" from my Flickr collection dating back to 2005.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Voting Age

I neglected to celebrate its 18th year! I always try to wax the old truck in the spring. A container of Turtle Wax had been sitting on the hump over the transmission. It mocked me for my lack of attention each time I got in to drive anywhere.

Voting Age

Today it is about 28C degrees with brutal sunshine. What better day to give it a wash and wax! Our buildings have a designated car wash area near the parking entrance. I spent a few hours there, only once coming up to get some necessary iced tea and the bottle of forgotten Windex. First, I had to wash the grime off and then apply the wax. Now, it's set for another year. I will probably be sore tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Is a KIA E-Soul Ready for a Test Drive?

By happenstance, I noticed the link to this video today. I've never been a big fan of Smart cars. I have for a decade, however, felt as though the replacement vehicle for my 1996 Ford Ranger would be an all-electric. Fifteen years ago I figured that at this point we'd have reached a tipping point in technology and acceptance. I guess I'm still waiting although things such as the West Coast Electric Highway Project means I could successfully get to to Los Angeles without using a drop of petroleum.

It was strange that I discovered this video this afternoon, as when I was leaving the BCIT parking lot #7, I stopped to snap a photo of free charging station of the EV project with its huge solar cell array. Also, for a long time, there have been several quick-charge plug-ins near the NE 1 Building where I teach. As well, today I noticed several EV charging signs along the street right out front of my building. We've had free charging stations on the downtown parkade and up at city hall for quite some time.

So perhaps in two years when my truck and I get ready to part ways, an electric vehicle might be a possibility. Did I read in 2017 that Tesla will have its reasonably-priced Model 3 in production?

BCIT Parking Lot 7

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Out Near UBC

I don't think we went to Wreck Beach last summer. We generally try to go, not so much for the swimming but for the short hike down to the water and back up to the road. The Pacific Spirit Regional Park is nearly 20 miles from New Westminster and is part of the University of BC Endowment Lands. Wreck Beach is posted as clothing optional.

We brought sandwiches so we could sit and eat looking across the end of the North Arm of the Fraser River and across the water towards the mountains on Vancouver Island. The weather this week definitely merits getting out when a chance presents itself.

Wreck Beach Tuesday
Wreck Beach Tuesday
Wreck Beach Tuesday
Wreck Beach Tuesday
Wreck Beach Tuesday

Monday, July 28, 2014

More Disruptions of Business Models

These are two captured images from my Nexus tablet.

Screen 1
Screen 2

The only reason I am posting them is because I have been investigating Android apps which could run on the media server which will be arriving by post from China. I am not encouraging the use of these apps as, in both cases, the software makes it possible to illegally view copyrighted material. I am not even suggesting I shall actually use them myself. However, I do wish to approach Popcorn Time and Show Box for their amazing technological underpinnings. Torrents are not evil, in and of themselves. File sharing protocols could have all types of legitimate uses. In fact, the only thing keeping them from widespread use has been the difficulties and complexities of setting them up.

Now, clever front-end apps can make streaming a torrent as easy as clicking on an image. The mechanics of connecting to hundreds or thousands of other computers for a file are completely hidden from view. The complexity issues have become mute.

This is an Internet protocol which could do so much more than allow one to access blockbuster movies for free. I cannot help but think that if Hollywood copyright owners had had a bit more foresight, they'd be using the underpinning protocols for their benefit. Now it may be too late. They simply wish to spearhead impossible efforts to stamp out a clearly superior method of consumption.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I'm the Slow Tortoise

There are loads of things I could be doing today. The sky is so blue and cloudless that I almost forgot myself and had ambitions.

I did run to Walmart at 8:30 am to pick up a few items, and returned with a can of flat-black spray paint. I am proud of myself for not running out to buy a new home-theatre system. My 12-year old Onkyo hasn't got HDMI inputs but I am sure I can manage with a few optical ones. This equipment is on a great deal of the day either streaming Internet music or being used for TV or movie viewing. It works just fine.

The only thing that was starting to bug me about the sound system was the appearance of the speakers. The main ones are near the TV and the surround speakers near the walls on either end of the sofa. The foam speaker covers had started to fade. The pure black had gone a little reddish due to exposure to light. I was going to try to buy some clothing dye but couldn't find any at the store today. Instead, I picked up the $5 aerosol can of paint. I sprayed all four speaker grills outside on the balcony. (The sub-woofer didn't require any touching up.)


The whole job took all of 15 minutes, but after doing that I felt as though I'd accomplished enough for the day. I am getting better and better about not feeling guilty when I demonstrate laziness. Actually, that has never really been something that caused me much anguish. Moreover, I have often felt a twinge of pity for those who feel as though they have to constantly run hither and dither.

I do have to be ready for when my tiny college pension payments start this November. So, I dedicated the rest of the day for sitting and enjoying the view.

High Pressure

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thankfully, I Sleep with My Eyes Closed

There's generally a valid reason for an item to be on sale. Umm ... in this case the fact it was a deal is probably due to its ugliness. I got dizzy spreading it out. I was seeing stars. Perhaps that won't matter as it will most often be used in the dark.

Seeing Stars

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Spice Trade Continues to Flourish

I've decided to try to see if I can locally source this product.


This bottle of Salsa Lizano was a gift from friends. They brought it back from their vacation in Costa Rica. I decided that I really like the flavour. At first, I thought perhaps it contained tamarind. I never really read the label thoroughly nor looked up the ingredients. Well, to be clear, I never looked it up until recently.

I guess this type of vegetable sauce is very typical for Costa Ricans and that most homes there contain a bottle or two. It has a bit of a following as it can be ordered online and shipped worldwide. I saw some references to local places where I might be able to find some. An advantage of multicultural Vancouver is that just about any type of food from just about anywhere can be found. Now, I'm on the hunt.