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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Drone On

Then, Turn Right onto Front Street

Is Dennis droning on about the weather again?

Not really. Two of today's pictures do somehow showcase the sort of ugly weather we're having. There's also daily rain in the forecast for the rest of the week, I think. So, maybe I am a little. Can one drone on briefly?

No Takers

I didn't see anyone waiting to sit in the sidewalk tables. So perhaps this has put me into the mood for our winter travel. This is the middle of October after all, and we do leave before the end of it. Okay. I admit this entry did nothing but drone on a little.

Monday, October 14, 2019

The Statutory Holiday

Not much happened today for us. This was the end of the Canadian long weekend for Thanksgiving. Many folks probably crowded the ferries and border crossings for a trip home. Not us. Being a day off, we simply lollygagged around the apartment.


It was great weather to catch up on laundry. After the usual afternoon nap, I used up one of my last hazelnut coffee K-cups.


Sunday, October 13, 2019

Canuck Thanksgiving

Before Continuer
The Setting
Kevin's Carrot Cake

We made our way to Richmond for Shinji's annual Thanksgiving dinner. They had a special guest from Seattle who we'd not seen in a decade, perhaps longer. The West-End gentlemen were there too. After filling up on the hors d'Ĺ“uvres, we walked to the dyke along the Fraser River. Shinji was busy in the kitchen doing final prep for the amazing turkey dinner.

We used this opportunity to swap 'the ducks' too. This was our last event of the year as we will leave for the winter in a couple of weeks. The rubber ducks will be spending the dark winter days in downtown Vancouver. We know where our first dinner of the spring will take place!

As always, Thanksgiving and the turkey were nice and this lasting tradition is very special to us. Thank you so much!

Back to Before
Before the Turkey
See Ya Next Year, Ducks!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Our Canadian Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Travel SouvenirsThis was the beginning of the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. The second Monday of October is when it's celebrated and it came a bit late this year. People often do the 'big meal' on Sunday and lounge around on Monday eating up some of the leftover turkey. Tomorrow, we shall go to visit friends who have created a tradition of hosting us for a tremendous yearly dinner.

We generally do grocery shopping on Saturdays but hardly ever have to rub shoulders with as many other customers as today. I guess everyone's pantries were bare. I didn't take any photos when we were out though. Wanting to add a few to Flickr, I took this closeup of a hanging, wooden souvenir of one of the temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It's one of three wooden objects on a wall in the living room.

The weather has turned a bit more 'normal' with less sun and a bit warmer temperatures. Jay is an expert in using up all the food provisions in the apartment in time for our winter departure. Today, he found some real butter, so he made a cake. Something baking in the oven makes a home smell so great. Today the extra warmth was welcomed as well.

Great Aroma (In the Whole Place)

Friday, October 11, 2019

A Witch's What?

Just Movie Magic


Yes, I live in Canada. Yet the area in which I live seldom gets snow that sticks on the ground for long. In fact, some winters there's none.

This melting snow was from a movie shoot. The weather has been cold enough so last night's temporary snowbank didn't melt completely!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Salmon (wall mural) by the Fraser (river)

The amazing run of clear, cold weather continues.

Salmon (wall mural) by the Fraser (river)

Today, we didn't have any large things to take care of. We did walk over to the medical clinic to make appointments with our new doctor. We need prescription renewals before we leave for the winter.

Later, we drove to Langley Farm Market to do a little fruit and vegetable shopping.

In the afternoon, after our naps, I left the car at the city hall chargers to get Kimchi's battery back up to 100%. I noticed in this colder weather, its estimated total range has dropped from about 500km to around 485km. All the Canadian models have a heat pump, essentially just the A/C running in reverse. I'm told that there is extra resistance heat if the temperatures drop below -5°C. Such fridged air can happen in this part of BC during winters but generally only in the mountains. It won't matter as we will be in south and south-east Asia for November through March.

Lately, I find every day interesting and satisfying. Neither of us is bored after almost five years of early retirement. It seems as if we're in a period where everything is just going along swimmingly.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

This Weather is for the Birds

Cold Pigeons
Pigeons readying for frosty weather by the New West parkade today.

There was not a cloud in the sky today. (Sorry, but the weather generally preoccupies me before we run away for winter.) All this clearing comes at at a price; namely, the temperature. We managed 12°C at the height of the day but tonight it is estimated to fall to 1°C. The degrees cannot get closer to freezing and stay a whole number!

Yet, we're off in exactly three weeks. In Sri Lanka, we can expect daytime highs of 30°C and nights that dip to about 25°C. Birds never have to contend with freezing temperatures near Colombo. The temperatures don't change much at all because the island nation lies so close to the equator.

Bird Feeder in Sri Lanka
Parrots and a friend on the birdfeeders at Jay's house in Sri Lanka in 2012.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019


I follow hundreds of photographers on the Flickr website. I notice that a majority fall into a unique style or genre and that most all their offerings appear very, very similar. I guess consistency might be admirable, but I'm not convinced.

I do not like falling into routines that cannot be broken. This describes my photos but also my whole outlook on life in general. Why people put themselves into such tiny boxes is beyond me.

Today, Flickr received just five images from me. They were all taken today, some by my mobile phone and others with my regular zoom camera. They prove I like 'shaking it up'.

Royal City Mall

Mt. Baker Summit

Key West

Mall Entrance

All Natural

These are things from my day. What can you show me from yours?

Monday, October 07, 2019

Getting to See a Bit of Winter

Today it rained. It rained for much of the day. The sky looked like it was already winter here in the south-western mainland of British Columbia

While Jay took the SkyTrain to the gym, I went uptown. I found Listerine Cool Mint™ mouthwash on sale at Walmart, so I picked up that and a few other things. I always park on the roof of the mall and enter the store through the mostly-unused entrance. When I came out, the rain had let up a bit. I snapped a few photos looking off the southern edge of the Royal City Centre.

From the Roof

I Park on the Roof


As the rain had turned to mist. I decided to drive to Queen's Park for a little walk. I plugged the car into the charger even though I knew my exercise was going to be short-lived. I must have added only about twelve kilometers of free electricity to my car's battery in fifteen minutes. Everything was pretty damp. The mist didn't seem to bother the dozen or so squirrels but none would pose for me.


Wet British Columbian Banana Leaves


Daytime Street Light

Sunday, October 06, 2019

EVs Cost Very Little to Operate

Go Juice

A lot of people find their home electricity bills expensive. This leads them to believe that operating an electric vehicle might prove to be expensive too. This assumption is completely incorrect as charging is orders of magnitude less expensive than petroleum.

Today, we drove to find the branch of Bosa Foods on Victoria Drive. It's an Italian deli/grocery store in Vancouver that's pretty well known. However, we only knew them from their reusable shopping bags as Jay used to get them as donations at his place of work. We have travelled the world for a number of years with a few Bosa Food bags. They really hold up well but now that Jay hasn't worked in about five years, we needed replacements. We did buy some cheese and specialty olives. We got a bag for us and a few to bring back to give to Jay's sisters in Sri Lanka.

On the drive back, I noticed that my car battery was down to about 79% as we got into New Westminster. I had last plugged in the EV about 10 days ago and figured I would use the Level 2 charger at city hall. This is the type of 240-volt device that uses about the same amount of power as an electric hot water heater. Most people with their own homes put in this type for overnight charging. Fast DC charging would be expensive to install and unnecessary for a residence.

The city hall is a two-block walk from the apartment, so we parked, took our bags, and walked down the hill. I let the car change while we ate lunch.

$CA 0.55

After an hour and a half, I walked back up. In this amount of time, I knew the EV would be at about 90% charge. On this rather slow, home-type charger, Kimchi gets close to 50 km (31 miles) of an additional range per hour. So during this time, my estimated vehicle range went from about 375 KM to 450 KM. To travel an equivalent of 46 miles would take a couple of gallons of gas.

New Westminster doesn't charge for power at city hall but I calculated the total power consumed at BC Hydro residential rates. The power I put into the battery cost $CA 0.56 in power utility fees. Yet, in order to buy the equivalent 7.5 litres of gas in the outrageously expensive market here, one would have to pay over $CA 11.63.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Mug Cakes and Crossbreeds

It was a grocery shopping morning. We are pretty healthy eaters and spend most of our time 'shopping the perimeter' of the Canadian Superstore. As you probably know, the bulk of one's items should not come from the inner aisles, but rather they should be the fresh foods that are almost always found along the outside edges of a supermarket. Today, however, I ventured through an unexplored area and discovered something new to me.

When did mug cakes become a thing? Ignoring the horrible and dangerous ingredients listed on the package, I got a single serving mug cake. It's French Vanilla and Chocolate Bits. I'm easily impressed by new and improved products. Imagine, a personal cake in just one minute! That sure sounds like a miracle and blessing from the food gods.

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Of course, the Canadian Superstore in Coquitlam is prepped for the season. I liked the fact that as well as the traditional pumpkins, they also put the crossbreeds up for sale. Jay wanted a picture to send to his sisters.

With the Cross Breeds

Friday, October 04, 2019


New West Station

Today, I walked one kilometre to the other end of downtown New Westminster. Although there's a SkyTrain station right at the foot of our building, there's another, with the city's namesake, just two blocks to the west. A highrise and retail development has been cleverly wrapped around a pre-existing transit hub.

We never buy groceries in the large supermarket there. But today, I approached it as we do large markets when travelling. I have mentioned before that when travelling, we enjoy seeing foreign supermarkets as a means to learn about the location's culture. I approached today's Safeway similarily. It really is a fantastic, abet pricey venue.

Oh, and when testing the travel laptop's sound card today, I opened YouTube. This caught my eye perhaps because we fly west from Vancouver so frequently. We will again in less than four weeks.

I should have taken up teaching. Oh, wait! I did that for about 33 years.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

It Really Sucks

An Original 1979 Black and Decker Dustbuster

Charging a Hand VacuumChances are great that as a kid, if you are of a certain era, your family had an original Black & Decker Dustbuster™. A near-perfect example of 70's industrial design, the original device invented the category of battery-powered, handheld vacuums. First released in 1979, a million of them were sold in the first year alone.

Somehow, we've been living without a cordless vacuum recently though. Our old truck had only mat floors so a once-in-a-while sweeping did the trick. Now, however, I want to be able to suck up pebbles caught in our EVs carpeted floors. One may come in handy for cleaning under the sofa cushions and around the apartment too. At Walmart today, I picked up one that doesn't have the Black & Decker name. Oh well, I had more choices than when the original Dustbuster premiered 40 years ago!

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

I Like Soaking Up Heat

Water in Motion

I went down to the pool area after lunch. Now, I have no one who tries to tell me to wait before swimming. Actually, I didn't bother swimming. I saw how inviting the hot tub looked and spent fifteen minutes sitting in the hot water. Just outside the windows, the day looked less hospitable than recently. It was cooler. We use these facilities year-round but they seem best on a day like today.

I tried to shoot a 360° image. Clearly, it didn't turn out perfectly. Yet, I've left it online as it may give a hint of where the hot tub is. Try moving the following image to get an idea of the whole space.

360° Attempted

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

My 61.84 GB of Flickr Data

I have many more than many others. As it turns out, there are about 475 for every year I've lived. I have been around for six decades.

Yet most of my photos are from the last fifteen or so years. The advent of digital imaging changed everything. Probably in your pocket at the moment, you have the means to take a photograph. It is surprising how few we take. Images could help us to remember not only people but the things with which we are surrounded.


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