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Monday, January 26, 2015

Still - Day 61

Let's see, we're still hanging out in Puerto Vallarta. What else?

First, the weather still rises to over 28C (82F) each day. Of course, that makes it fun hearing about a blizzard soon to hit the eastern corridor. Next, we're still enjoying the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and are otherwise eating like kings here. Also, life still includes neighbourhood cats some of which seem to sleep very soundly. Importantly, I still pinch myself when I go out for a walk and realize this isn't a short little vacation, rather we're still here for three more months. In conclusion, all is fine, still.

So today, for an entry I will include a few photos that were added to my phone in the last 24 hours.

Odds and Ends
Odds and Ends
Odds and Ends
Odds and Ends

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sure Sounds Like Two Months - Day 60


It was a weird sort of weather day. It remained largely overcast but bright. It was cooler but sweaty because of a little humidity. As I began to think about what to post today, it occurred to me that we've already been in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for two months.

In our time here, we've had just one rainy morning. I know the rainy season is mid-June through mid-October. As a general rule, it's now supposed to be dry. The nearby hills look a little less verdant than when we got here. You know, I wouldn't mind having a real tropical drencher, a few hours of really heavy downpour. Perhaps, I'm homesick and used to the days-on-end drizzle of coastal British Columbia. Here, the rain would be warmer. Bring it on!

I spent part of the day consuming audio. As an educator, I recognize the audio-learner in me. I process information easily when hearing the spoken word.

So, the newly discovered NPR One app is a godsend. Radio is finally catching up with how the world is changing. To an end user, it may seem like listening to an NPR station, but if you discover what is really going on, this is an enormous change. It is not streaming a broadcast. It is not a podcast which really only updates the timeshifting capabilities.

Instead, each story now arrives as an individual file. This makes it easy to have customized arrangements based on different criteria. The stories flow like a personalized program. Some can be based on what one has searched for or what one has marked as interesting (read: favourited). It also becomes easy to share an item.

NPR One Rocks!

I must admit that I have listened to more public radio since finding the app three days ago, than I ever have. I get so sick of the one-track mind of CNN. Also, BBC may have global resources but the news only comes a long form chosen by editors for podcasting. I might not have an interest in one story in the middle of a twenty-minute segment but have no way to easily skip though it. Lastly our own CBC seems to have fewer and fewer reporters covering international or local stories. To me the network has started looking pretty much like news from any US network with a wee bit more Canadian coverage.

There are only few things that a publicly-funded organization can do better than the private sector; radio seems to be one of them. NPR One is providing a groundbreaking use of technology in information delivery!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Being Outside - Day 59

In the evening, we walked down the malecon to Ley's Supermarket. I remembered to start the My Tracks app and my phone measured the walk as 2.9 kilometers just going. We bought heavy groceries and chose to come back by bus. That was less than 2 miles, so not really very far.

Walk to Ley's

Yet, we also were out walking this morning. We went to the Friday Farmer's Market at the park and walked back near the River Cuale.

Saturday Walk

I was thinking that we definitely get more exercise here. I saw the weather cams of a wet, yet warm Vancouver. I know that if home in New Westminster, I would have probably sat on the couch for most of the day.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Traditional - Day 58

It's our tradition to head to Olas Atlas every Friday evening. This is when the students put on cultural dances from various parts of Mexico.

Friday Evenings
Friday Evenings
Friday Evenings
Friday Evenings

These performances have been a Puerto Vallarta tradition for twenty years. They are now sponsored by a few businesses with no government funding. The organizers pass the hats during the show in order to maintain the gorgeous costumes and to buy shoes, etc. They have toured various countries and put in so much effort and show such dedication! The highlighted regional dances are different every week and the show lasts about an hour and a half.

The kids are quite amazing.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Personal Quotes - Day 57

"With increasing age comes increasing girth."
Dennis Sylvester Hurd (1959- )

Thursday Morning
This was in reference to the tree.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

El Séptimo Hijo - Day 56


Today we went to see a movie at 5:10 pm. We have been to several theatres of the competing chain, but this was our first attendance at a Cinépolis® movie theatre. As Wednesdays are cheap movie days, we saw a 3D movie in a brand new cinema for a mere 26 pesos, or about $US 1.75 per ticket. Of course, the Seventh Son might not be up everyone's alley but I absolutely loved it. It won't be released in the United States until February. It had the swords and sorcery elements of a good B-movie with amazing special affects and good acting.

We nipped into the Soriana supermarket after the show and picked up a few groceries. We came back to eat a late 8:30 dinner.

The whole day was nice.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Old Soles - Day 55


Even though they've been in the sun all day, it's still going to take a while longer for my sandals to dry. I gave them a bath today after getting them pretty dusty in the hike to Playa Colomitos and back yesterday. I will add that they have been the only footware I've had on since the day after the US Thanksgiving. That is also the date when I last wore socks!

I love my CATS. Actually, these are the second pair of Caterpillar sandals I've owned. I broke out this pair especially for this winter.

I couldn't bear to throw away my older ones though. I am not sure how many years I owned my former favourites, but they spent at least one winter of continuous wear in Sri Lanka. I am sure I walked among the ancient temples of Bagan, Burma in them. They most recently took me around the archaeological sites of ancient Egypt last spring. They may have even taken me to the largest religious monument in the world at Angkor Wat. Maybe I'll have that set bronzed.