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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Today's Swap Meet

Quarterly Condo Junk FestOur condo's quarterly junk fest occurred today. It's a nice perk run by our strata council.  We live in two towers and, off the top of my head, I believe there are 150 units. With so many apartments, our neighbours are capable of generating a lot of odds and ends. 

Every three months, an area the size of three stalls in our shared underground parking becomes a place to discard unwanted items. Items, such as used furniture, cannot normally be thrown out with the garbage. A junk removal company is hired to haul it away on the designated Saturday.

Today was our fall event.  I call it that as people are free to look around and salvage anything which might be of interest.  Over the years we have made use of a few items,  some of which have had the privilege of being re-donated years later!   

Late last night, we brought down an item we knew would have no takers.  For over a month, our broken washing machine had been sitting on the balcony primed for this very day.  We were sure that carrying it to the parking level would be easier and cheaper than trying to haul it to the recycling depot.  

We were pretty good at making sure we brought nothing back upstairs.  Oh, there were four fluorescent light tubes still in new packaging.  Someone must've changed their kitchen fixture and no longer needed to keep them as spares.  I did put those in our hallway closet.

Quarterly Condo Junk Fest

Friday, October 22, 2021

Seven Years of Luck

Today, I searched my Flickr account for images with a date of October 22, 2014. That was my final day of teaching at the BC Institute of Technology. 

Officially, the date of my early retirement was November 1st, but I choose to celebrate the final day I worked with students.  It seems like a more fitting date to acknowledge the end of a gratifying career.  Staff in our department popped in during class to bid farewell, present a few gifts, and eat a bit of cake.
  The Last Day of Class 
Seven isn't really an auspicious anniversary, although it's a lucky number in many cultures.  Nevertheless, I am immensely grateful for having had the chance to close an important chapter of my life at such an opportune time.  Some of the happiest years of my life have occurred during the seven years since that date.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Easy to Set Up

I think our new HP device is going to become my most favourite travel PC ever!  We don't leave for the winter for nearly a month; however, I wanted to get our new, Windows 11 device up to speed early.
  Happy w/ the New Travel PC 
The little Pavilion Aero 13 came in white, a very pristine white. Our former travel computer was that sort of rose metallic colour so popular four years ago. 

I suppose this one will be difficult to keep clean, especially when travelling. However, I do sort of love its looks at the moment. Neither Jay nor I are big fans of trying to work with laptop touchpads. So, Amazon just delivered a new white, Bluetooth mouse.  At $15, a new matching mouse just makes me feel more coordinated.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

What is the Price at the Moment?

Nowadays, buying airline tickets is like shooting craps. The prices change frequently and one never knows what will happen to the online price.  Will it increase or decrease?  Is it better to wait until the last minute or lock-in early?  Each route has its own particular peculiarities.

We have planned one month in Dubai starting mid-November.  We will then proceed to Sri Lanka for a three-month stay.  We'd been holding off buying that round trip section, although we already hold Turkish Air tickets for next month's departure and our spring return from Dubai.  The prices on Emirates seemed pricy as a direct flight is only around four hours and fifteen minutes.  However, we will need to prove a departure date when entering the United Arab Emirates.

Suddenly, last night, we saw round-trip fares drop $180 on Expedia for each of us.  We quickly bought them.  Now we are set for the air portion of our entire winter.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tuesday in the Park and at the Cinema

We're on the Left

We were delighted to see a little morning sun today.  This month has been pretty dreary so far and it seems as though the rain will rejoin us tomorrow.  So, we walked across Columbia Street to Westminster Pier Park.

Simply walking to the other end of the river-front park and back only takes a few minutes as it's perhaps a kilometer and a half.  Yet, the 9-year-old municipal place is a blessing.  Unfortunately, the city lost the entire section of the original wooden piers to fire last year.  Thankfully, the permanent section is right across the street though.

These two photos show the colourful foliage.  We are in the taller of the two adjoining towers called Carnarvon Place.  We purchased and moved into the apartment in 1998.

Way Out-Front

Later in the morning, we drove to Coquitlam to go to the movies.  It seems like forever since we ventured into a cinema here in British Columbia.  We wanted to go to a 12:30 showing of No Time to Die.  There were lots of showtimes but few in 3D.  This Bond flick was made to be seen in three dimensions!  It is pretty amazing how unobtrusive the glasses are nowadays.  I nearly forget to take them off when we left screen #14.

Back to the Movies

Monday, October 18, 2021

I'm Talking Terraria

Are Terraria in Vogue?

We took a drive over the old Pattullo Bridge today.  Its days are numbered, the digits may still be in the hundreds; nevertheless, they're numbered.  We hear the pounding of pile driving for the support structures regularly now.  I don't think the replacement bridge opens until 2024.

Anyway, that is not what I wanted to mention.   We crossed the river to pop in at a Home Depot.  We have about thirty bucks extra on our Home Depot Card leftover from the bathroom work this summer.  I wondered if we could find a suitable LED light for the laundry closet.  An old LED light there seems to be on its last legs, even though lights don't walk.

We didn't find a suitable lighting fixture.  However, in the plant section, we found out about a hot, new gardening trend.   Terrariums are obviously popular at the moment.  I blame COVID-19.  Anything at all can be blamed on the COVID situation nowadays.

Are Terraria in Vogue?

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Membership Thru Next Summer

I researched the new Microsoft PC hardware and was not impressed. It seems as though they've gone the same route as Apple; namely, quality builds with a 40% price premium over the specs of the provided hardware. I guess that extra cash must go into the "magical" qualities as both marketing teams now promise buyers this with their products. 

Beginning a month ago, I started looking for a new laptop to replace our ageing ASUS.  We needed a new Windows PC for the road but not too much of one.  I was looking for another one that would be easy to stuff into my backpack.    

I noted the HP Pavilion Aero 13 had a perfect combination of good specs at a reasonable price.  Unfortunately, the model is not offered through the online HP store in Canada.  Their US store cannot ship here either.  In fact, the model I desired is sold through just one reseller in the entire country!
  New Travel Laptop

I had somehow managed a few decades in BC without a COSTCO membership, but I bought one online last night.  We ventured to the closest warehouse to get our cards this morning.  It was almost worth the 5.5-kilometer drive and money just to hike around inside the location.  Far too many folks visit on Sunday mornings, I must report.

Got one!  Our new PC shipped with Win10 on the SSD but as soon as the installation process got hold of our wifi name and password, it offered to load Windows 11 instead.  So, there was zero wait or additional hassle setting up the new machine this afternoon.  It's completely white, so this computer will ensure that we frequently wash our hands, even when COVID-19 is no longer a concern.

Perhaps I'll include a few photos tomorrow and a comparison shot of our old and new travel PCs.

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