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Friday, August 29, 2014

Simply Marvel-ous

I haven't had as much fun at the movies for a long time.

Landmark 2014_08_29

When Jay suggested seeing, The Guardians of the Galaxy, I thought it might be a silly summer flick for children. Wow, how wrong I was!

This movie proved to be a retro blast back to action / space movies of the 70's and 80's. I mean even this soundtrack was played from cassette! It was aimed most directly at people our age, or perhaps at those with a love of the genres which included characters such as Han Solo, with a little Indie thrown in for good measure. I guess Chewie has been replaced by a tree and raccoon for this era. There were many graceful, iconic references to earlier sci-fi movies hidden in the scenes. Yet, the things which can be done with 3D CGI nowadays added a great deal of entertainment.

Who even knew that the Landmark Cinemas were running AM shows during the summer? This was a very nice way to spend part of the morning. See it. If any of the other films mentioned here are / were favourites, see it. I'm awaiting the next installment.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sweet 16!

Life is funny. Not that I'm complaining about it, mind you.

It seems amazing that we've now lived in the same building for 16 years. I always heard old people talking about how time flies. I now agree completely although I don't consider myself old yet. In another 16 years, I'll be 71.

Okay, that sounds old. (At least until I get there, it does.)

420 Carnarvon
My Building on Carnarvon Street in Downtown New Westminster, BC

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Idiot Box


Television has never been better.

I can remember when one watched whatever happened to be on. A missed episode was really gone. Shows sunk or swam by counting how a few eyeballs were divided between a handful of networks. Lastly, what one fondly remembers as classic TV was mostly juvenile, formulaic rubbish.

My, how TV has changed for the better! The quality of some programming exceeds major motion pictures. One problem, now that much of television arrives over the Internet, is figuring out what one would like to view. The second, just as important problem, is figuring out when to fit it all in.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 5 - Less Than 1K in Total

The Last Two Days

We woke up to huckleberry pancakes in the mountains but are now back in New Westminster. Travelling I90, I405, and I5 to Bellingham was uninterrupted except for stop at a highway rest stop. We did a Fred Meyer and Target stop in the US. Oh, and we had lunch there. After, it was a quick trip from the border to our parking space.

Total trip odometer says 944 miles. I thought we might hit, the cooler to boast about, 1000 miles. Well, I guess I could say 1519 km for a larger number.

Ah, home sweet home.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 4 - Desert to Mountains

We awoke to sun and I to excellent coffee. It wasn't long however, before we were back on the roads. First, we sneaked over dirt for a half hour to Ellensburg. After a gas up, we followed Joel and Lynne up to the Pass.

The Last Two Days
The Last Two Days

While a major clean-up was occurring at the cabin, Jay and I borrowed the big diesel truck and headed to Lake Kachess for lunch at the day-use beach. Yet the day wasn't all play and no work. Well, wait a minute. It was.

The Last Two Days
The Last Two Days

We went in search of huckleberries by 4-wheeling. The bushes were plentiful up on the many US Forest Service Roads but the berries were a little scarce this year. Still, although I ate more than contributed, some were left for pancakes tomorrow morning. We dined, talked, and slept soundly with windows to a perfect view.

The Last Two Days
The Last Two Days
The Last Two Days

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 3 - Unfamiliar Stretch of I-82

Yesterday we only drove 250 miles and today we did considerably fewer.

We only had to travel between the Washington Tri-Cities and Yakima. We had a very relaxing 85-mile trip along I-82. The road was not crowded at all. This might have been due to our travelling on a quiet, Sunday morning. The road was well maintained and it was so easy to get into a relaxing 65-mph cruise. Do you know what I mean? It's the feeling one can get when the tires are turning over smooth highway and the world seems relaxed and organized. I suppose that this enjoyment of driving doesn't occur frequently for many of us.

The grapes and apple trees were just in the green sections of land as we were near the Yakima River and irrigation. The hills behind were a lovely, grassy brown.

The Last Two Days
The Last Two Days

We exited in Union Gap to hit a Safeway before heading on to Lynne and Joel's place in the Wenas. It had been years since we'd come in from the south and I made one wrong turn that made our trip at least 45 minutes longer than it needed be. Clouds started developing as we were leaving Yakima.

By the time we got to our friends' house it was coming down in buckets. This area is desert; why did we have to come stormin' in? The torrential rain was accompanied by cooler temperatures. So although this is the place with a pool, we were confined to the hot tub! Still not a bad way to spend part of an afternoon.

The Last Two Days

Dinner and our catch-up conversations were excellent and meaty. Lastly, we bored our hosts with YouTube video of our spring Near East trip. Bed time was pretty early.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day 2 - The Columbia Gorge

As our motel didn't have breakfast, we ate the breakfast supplies we picked up during yesterday's MAX trip downtown. We were up at a reasonable hour and on the road early. When leaving Portland, we went east and ended up on I-84 without even trying. As soon as we'd come to Troutdale we exited in order to take part of the Historic Columbia River Highway. Also known as Historic Oregon US 30, the route was carved through the lowest part of the Cascade mountains with Model T's in mind. Many viewpoints were amazing.

As well as the lookouts over the river and I-84, there were a series of waterfalls. We travelled slowly and stopped many times for little walks. Obviously hiking is a common past-time for the urban Portland folk. Crown Point Vista House and Multnomah Falls are must-sees.

Before the trip we'd checked out accommodation in the city of 'The Dalles'. I'm glad that we didn't decide to stay there as we arrived at the town along the Columbia River before mid-afternoon. By this point, although only 90 miles from Portland the geography had turned dry. We decided to continue up to where US 97 crosses the river and continue along the Washington side of the river.

A large sign on Washington State Highway 14 offered a warning that they're be no services for the next 80 miles. It was fascinating to see the views which included the river, wineries, the Oregon side of the river, trains, and the drier landscape. The maps showed Kennewick, WA would be a place to hunt for a place to stay.

Woman's Conference
More Lookouts
2014-08-23_09-44-13 Kennewick

We had picked up a traveller's accomodation guide from an I-5 rest stop. We had quite a bit of difficulty finding the Super 8 we were looking for. This wasn't all bad as we ended up driving around the Tri-city area. The coupon worked well and the motel had obviously been recently updated. We used the hot tub and pool after consuming far too much at an Old Country Buffet which was within walking distance.

We will sleep well.