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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

All Visitors Welcomed - Day 98

[We interrupt this winter vacation to provide you with this important message regarding a future one.]

We've heard unfortuate news from several couples who we thought would make it down to Puerto Vallarta during our winter here. In both cases, medical or family emergencies have prevented these friends from visiting us. Also in both cases, we feel a little sad. We'd have liked nothing better than to show off one of our favourite places to people who've never been, especially these folks.

We have had a rather magic time here so far. Right now, we are a relatively short flight from the US or Canada. Next year, we plan on spending our winter further afield. We hope be abroad from mid-November 2015 through mid-April 2016 too. In fact, we are now fairly confident that unless presently-unforeseen, geopolitical situations occur, we have a place lined up for us. It's a modern humble place on very ancient land.

Luxor, Egypt
If anyone who we've ever met would like to come
for a stay next winter, we'd be happy to play hosts.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Odds & Ends - Day 97

It's a little warmer today than it's been. Right now, the temperature is 31C (88F). It does not feel oppressive because it is not very humid. It always cools off towards evening and can get down to a pretty chilly 17C (63F) just before dawn. Still, I will use the excuse of heat as a reason for not blogging about much of consequence today.

The iguanas living between the upper roof and the ceiling are back. We'd not heard much from them since last December, really. Perhaps they had been on vacation. Strangely, Jay cuddles every stray neighbourhood cat who comes into view, but gets the broom out when he hears the twenty-four inch reptiles. He tries to scare them away at every opportunity. I was going to take a picture of a cute, little snout to put here, except they're now cowering in some far, hidden corner. So below, I'll only be able to post the place from which they occasionally peek out when I'm on the balcony.


The rest of this entry can contain recent photos that will remind me of the beginning of March. They are:
1) the neighhourhood feline lovingly referred to as "ugly cat",
2) the woman who trimmed my hair yesterday,
3) yet another evening on the malecon before sunset.
Waiting for Barber
Walk to Ley's Supermarket

Monday, March 02, 2015

Delightful Dusk - Day 96

It seems terribly comforting taking a short evening stroll around here. The sunset last night was at 7:05 in Puerto Vallarta. Lots of people head to watch the sun sink into the Pacific Ocean at this time of year. It's a sort of celebration, yet a quiet one. We are drawn to do the same most nights.

Returning to the apartment can be by the bustling and busy restaurants of Basilio Badillo Street or one of another myriad of paths or passages. Yeterday, it was pleasant to return from the main church plaza area by walking along Guerrero Street into Gringo Gulch. We crossed the Cuale River on the pedestrian bridge and through the Island Cultural Centre to our side of Old Town. I am wondering which route we will take tonight.

Sunday Evening
Sunday Evening Sunday Evening

Even though getting back to Canada will be enjoyable next month, I will miss the relaxing routine of the evenings here.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

El Tuito - Day 95

BusThere has been a zero percent chance of rain for the past week and the blue sky is forecast to continue through the next one. Today was a perfect day to get away from sea-level for a bit.

Going south from Puerto Vallarta is our favourite direction because of the mountains and lush vegetation. We have gone south to Mismaloya and Boca on this trip and most trips in the past. We only went once to the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens which are about 15 miles south of the city.

Today we wanted to get away into the mountains for a few hours. In all honesty, the Caribbean may have beautifully coloured water, but I love how the mountains extend right to the beaches of Mexico's west coast.

Buses for Tuito leave from our very own street. The buses leave from the corner of Aguacate and V Carranza and cost 28 pesos or less than $US 2. We boarded as soon as we got to the corner and left within five minutes of sitting down.

Trip to Tuito

The small town of around 3200 people is on Highway 200 heading south. It took our bus about an hour and fifteen minutes to arrive in the authentic Mexican town. We got there about noon and our only plan was to find a place to eat our packed lunch of egg sandwiches and totopos.

First we walked by the church, which interestingly is not right on the central plaza as in many towns. We got there right during the hour of service, so probably one quarter of the population were inside!

Trip to Tuito Trip to Tuito

We walked on some side roads. At the moment there is construction around the central plaza. I think they are getting a new water or sewer pipes and the roads around the square will need to be resurfaced.

Trip to Tuito
Trip to Tuito
Trip to Tuito

We ate near the bandstand under the shade of some trees. It was very relaxing. The town was cute, clean, and quiet. As we sat on the return bus, watching the pine trees change to palms and as we came down 2,000 ft in elevation to encounter the crowds of Puerta Vallarta, I was a little sad at having left.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Last of February - Day 94

It's kind of nice when life settles into simple rhythms.

Life in PV

We can be assured of a walk under blue skies here. On a Saturday morning, we first go 15 minutes to the water and then walk beyond our apartment to the municipal market, without retracing any streets or steps. It's 26C (79F) again.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Yet Again - Day 93

It's amazing how I manage to keep this blog going. I mean, who in their right mind keeps a daily journal for eleven and a half years? I don't know. I do.

Even on a day, after a margarita where it'd be easier just to slip in front of the TV, here I go! In the morning, I walked to the other side of the river as there's an HSBC branch with an ATM over there.

Friday Around

We decided to see another movie today, so we went to the Soriana in Pitillal. We like the cinema there and paid the regular matinee price of about $US 2.25 each.

Friday Around

We saw American Sniper. Actually we saw, El Francotirador.

Friday Around

Another day of our lives have been recorded! Phew. I am so awesome.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Account Authentication - Day 92

Perhaps it's the time of the year when I usually consider the security of my online accounts. For it seems that about a year ago I blogged, Doing the Two-Step.

2015_02_26I like the idea that an extra layer of security exists on my Google logon and its many associated accounts. I really only made use of the added protection once or twice. I remember trying to access my gmail from a computer lab at BCIT and needing to check my phone for the code which arrived by text message. Of course on a daily basis, I don't need to log on to services as I work from a trusted computer and Android devices. However, it is nice knowing that someone attempting to hack my accounts would be thwarted because the additional code was not available.

It really didn't dawn on me that for three months, I've been using a local, Mexican phone number. I removed my Mobilicity SIM and went with an Amigo TELCEL account for the duration of our stay. Of course that means that I cannot receive text messages sent to my old phone number. That sort of negates the usefulness of two-step verification. I do, of course, have a list of emergency codes. Yet, I decided I needed a better method for two-step verification.

I downloaded the Google Authenticator app. I will always have access to it regardless of my current mobile number. As long as there's Internet, I can get my temporary code displayed in the app. Should I not have Internet access, then I really don't need the codes anyway, right?

Today, I decided to add 2-step verification to Facebook and Dropbox as well.