Eight randomly selected images from my "Daily Pics" collection dating from July of 2005.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Personal Quotes

"It has taken me decades to realize I was made for a latitude where I'd see coconut trees from the bedroom window."
Dennis Sylvester Hurd (1959- )

Around Home in Sri Lanka 07/08
Minuwangoda, Sri Lanka - 2004

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hardly Worth the Paper ...

I knew that I had to run to the campus today for a teachers' meeting. I thought it'd be a great time to drop off all the exam copies for locked storage in our resource room. Earlier in the week, I uncovered a box of paper work when doing some home spring cleaning. I poked around in it a little and found a packet of ancient letters of recommendation and career certificates.

As long as I was at school, I could throw a stack of paper into one of the photocopiers to create a PDF file. I know I should really do this with the most of the contents of the box. First though, I'd have to figure out what things I'd like to save.

Paper simply seems so heavy, non-permanent, and inconvenient. Of course, most of the documents are of little value as well. Here's an image of one that turns thirty-three next month:

College Diploma

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Flat or Spherical ?

When the pedestrian access over the rail tracks is completed, I'm sure I'll end up in the Westminster Pier Park far more often. As it is, I need to walk down to Begbie Street and proceed through the empty quay parking lots. Getting there today was a treat regardless, due to the fact the sun was out.

I'll give you two views of my destination. The first is a standard photo. It doesn't look much different than dozens I've taken before. Under that, I shall embed another try at a Google Photo Sphere. (If you don't see in the entry, you can click on the link provided.)

Westminster Pier Park

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mr. Clean

I suppose it is the right season to do spring cleaning. That was not my intention for today though.

2014_04_21On my phone, Google Now promised a quick commute to the campus this morning. Silly technology! Even if I had not finished up with my class last week, BCIT is closed as today is Easter Monday. That's a real thing in Canada, but mostly for government offices.

I went to get the carry-on bags out of the closet. We won't be leaving on a trip for another two weeks, but I wanted to see if I needed a new bag. I recalled a broken zipper on one piece of luggage or another. The small bags were stored inside of the the larger bags. Moving the things around prompted me to sort of shift all the junk in the entry-way closet. Rather than little bags going inside the big luggage, the sleeping bags fit. That meant moving the Christmas decorations and discovering a lot of junk behind which could be tossed.

Prompted by my success, I continued right into my bedroom closet. For some dumb reason, I had kept the boxes for all the electronic items bought over the last three years. Crush. Chuck.

I'm feeling lighter. Still, I know there is a lot of sorting and tossing left for the future. One dream of mine would be to digitize most paper work and move the paper into recycling. That is a longer term project though. I must admit, it'd be nice to live with a lot less crap. You know, I have seen photos of how it could be. The interior shots of home designs on the Internet don't look cluttered at all. Those photos show just simple pieces of basic furniture. There're a few strategically arranged items on tables. The kitchens appear spotless although perhaps they have never witnessed the creation of a real meal.

Alas, let's go a little further. Imagine how much easier things would be, if one owned only a toothbrush, a few t-shirts, and a pair of Levis!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Personal Quotes

"Things must be getting serious! I'm finding myself starting to collect information about something new. Isn't it weird how one may not notice things which are right under one's nose until the time is right?"
Dennis Sylvester Hurd (1959- )


Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Pretty Soon It'll Be 1987"

This letter was initially saved on an IBM-compatible 360K floppy disc. Yes, K; not GB or TB. Over the years, I have been pretty good at backing up data. In fact, I found this file in archives on a Microsoft OneDrive today. That seems like full circle as it is now sitting in the cloud at some data centre in God-knows-where.

I physically pressed keys in Taif, Saudi Arabia to create these words. That occurred 27 and a half years ago! The tiny little file was called, DAD06.WS indicating to me that it was written using WordStar. I was a bit surprised Microsoft Word 2013 had no trouble opening it. Now I know that I can go back though all the letters I wrote during that nearly pre-historic era! MS Word, of course, allowed me to save in the common Adobe format. So, if you click the image below, a PDF of the original will open.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Inside a Bubble

I corrected final examinations this morning and turned in my grades electronically. It took a bit of time. From the window, I noticed how sunny today was compared to recent days. Therefore, I knew I needed to walk a bit this afternoon. I had saved some stale bread for the resident ducks in the park by City Hall. Getting there is only two blocks but it's almost straight up from my building. (All right, that is obvious hyperbole.) Luckily I didn't have too much bread as I only saw four ducks to feed!

041814  Image for Blog

I noticed that Google has launched a new, camera app for any Android phone. I used to feel unique in trying to make photo spheres as doing so only worked from new Nexus devices. I had experimented creating several with both my Nexus 5 and 7. Today, I tried a new one with the app. It doesn't seem much different, but perhaps it'll be more stable.

To see Tipperary Park in New Westminster, BC, click on the image above. Once it has loaded, you can mouse or arrow around within the 360 degree photo. You can see why I enjoyed my walk despite the lack of ducks.

As a test, I'll try to embed the same image directly on this page.