These images are 8 random "Daily Pics" from my Flickr collection dating back to 2005.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Personal Quotes

"Getting all one's ducks in a row isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds."
Dennis Sylvester Hurd (1959- )


Monday, September 15, 2014


I have an app on my Android devices which lets me add a number of webcam sites. They are displayed all on one screen similar to the video wall of a security department. Clicking on the small image will bring it up full-screen. Currently, this camera is my favourite. The downtown Vancouver waterfront is at the end of the SkyTrain line which runs by this building Can you see a cruise ship in the image? They'll soon be leaving the Alaskan cruise route for warmer waters.

Of course what you see will depend on the time you're viewing this blog entry. Therefore, I will include a shot saved at the date and time of this posting.

visioncritical webcam - Vancouver, BC

Over the next few weeks the weather is bound to get a little greyer and a little more rainy. At a certain point, probably in October, one of the webcams from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico will take over as being my most favourite.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Big Things in Little New West

We moved here in 1996. When we chose to buy property in downtown New Westminster, the year was 1998. It was much more of a gamble in those days as things were a bit derelict. It would not have been difficult to find oneself face to face with a drug dealer around the SkyTrain stations. We knew the area had potential though. It's location in the centre of the Lower Mainland is most definitely a positive point. The whole area seemed about ready for some welcomed growth. It has been steadily arriving, piece by piece.

We bought property and the place became fabulous. Well, this certainly did not occur overnight. We do see the increasing condominium towers as a positive. There's also a growing inclusiveness felt here. The changes around the New Westminster SkyTrain Station have been somewhat staggering. For just the last two years, the Westminster Pier Park has re-connected the city to a big chunk of its riverfront. Cranes have not been an uncommon sight in the past decade.

Big Day in Little New West
Big Day in Little New West

Today, I have decided to show two examples of my bustling downtown. The complex puzzle of liveability continues to be put together. First, the Fourth-Street pedestrian walkway to the Pier Park showed noticeable progress overnight. A section of metal now sits over the rail tracks from the downtown parkade. That meant Front Street was closed off due to the heavy equipment. Further along Columbia, traffic was diverted around the brand-new Anvil Centre, the city's civic centre. Today was the grand opening for public viewing. What a nice place for a boutique convention centre! I was impressed with the theatre space and inspiring architectural design of the building.

My little city is growing smartly. It is a hell of a lot nicer today than when we first called New Westminster, BC home.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer Won't Quit

More Park
Nobody was complaining about the sunshine at Pier Park this afternoon.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Daily for over Eleven Years!

There's a whole lot of personal information contained in my eJournal and images. In fact, I forgot to mention that over the Labour Day long weekend my little endeavour hit a new milestone of continuous, daily entries.

I find that I use this space to keep track of what I do, occasionally say what I feel, or chronicle the minutia of existence. It is also a nice place to throw things which I might want to refer to later. Of course, a lot of life occurred before this blog started; in my particular case, 44 complete years!

Some personal history ends up creeping into this expanding, online document. For instance, the photograph is the place where we lived in 1991. It was taken from an outside corridor by the door of our apartment building near Juffair, Bahrain. It was fairly close to the headquarters of the US Navy's Fifth Fleet. That was our third and final address on the island country as we moved on to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates in the fall of 1991.

Bahrain 1991

The other day Jay was going through paperwork and discovered a bunch of yellowing bank statements. They offered an interesting glimpse into the mailing addresses used between January of 1989 and June of 1996. I am going to add them here simply as a reminder of postal addresses we have had.

Road 2625, Block 326
Building 505, Flat 21
Gudeibiya, BAHRAIN

Al-Hamala Beach Village
25D, PO Box 11465

Flat 25, Building 70
Juffair Avenue, Block 341

Al-Khifaf Apartments #316B
PO Box 2622
Dubai, UAE

Ahmed Al-Tayer Bldg.
Flat No: 106
PO Box 6852
Dubai, UAE

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sun and Sand in September

Pier Park - Sep 11, 2014

All right, it's time for a tribute to the continued great weather. It seems as though things are going to stay picture perfect right through the weekend.

I hadn't been to the new "beach" part of the Westminster Pier Park. I know it is pretty close, but until the 4th Street pedestrian walkway is complete, getting there is a bit of a hike. I must admit I had my doubts and reservations when I heard about the new plans for the timber wharf section. I still maintain that it's more of a sandbox than a beach. After all, one needs to be able to wade into the water at a real beach. Still, the hammocks and umbrellas are nice. I rested in a hammock listening to songs thorough headphones while watching boats travelling up and down the Fraser. I even noticed folks coming to the sand as a destination spot for picnics and sunbathing. I will admit I was wrong with my strong initial scepticism.

This public area makes me proud of my little city of New Westminster.

Pier Park - Sep 11, 2014
Pier Park - Sep 11, 2014
Pier Park - Sep 11, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just Give Me a Little Space

I should be mentioning the continuing perfect weather we're having, especially as I just saw that Calgary had some rather early snow! There is not a cloud to be seen. Of course as my class was, again, in NE 1 320, we didn't not notice the lack of clouds. Alas, we are in a windowless room on Mondays and Wednesdays!

The sky is blue. Yet, I want to add several images to remember what I picked up on the way home today. Who would have ever thought that I'd need much local disc space. More and more of our data ends up stored somewhere on the Internet. Nobody really cares where one's email site stores the messages nor where Facebook keeps one's family pictures. As long as it is there when we switch on the computer, all is fine.

2014_09_20 drive space remaining

It is my little Minix NEO X8-H which prompted me to update my local storage. I may stream a lot of content via Netflix, but I am also ditching copies of movies on DVDs and moving to mp4 files. An entire movie kept in a minimally-acceptable resolution eats up between one and two gigabytes. If I get hold of an HD television program, an hour can be anywhere between 600 and 900 MB. Suddenly, my old storage space started looking a little sparse.

This little mobile Seagate requires only the USB for power. I can leave it plugged into my Android streaming device. If I'm going to bother to watch something, I may as well keep the copy. Two terabytes of space should keep me going for a while. All this storage for less than $90. The continued technical progress of physical data storage never ceases to amaze me.