Eight, Random "Daily Photos" from a Personal Collection on Flickr

Monday, June 29, 2015

In the Same Basket's Better

I cannot really come up with today's main claim to fame.

I did spend a little more time, than I might have thought necessary, doing some banking. I find it unusual to have to actually speak to people when doing financial transactions. I had one deposit locked in for five years but it matured over the weekend. The thing is, I no longer do my main banking with that bank, so I had to physically go to carry a bank draft from there to another uptown financial institution. In order to accomplish this simple task, I had to talk with five different people. The process took over an hour.


Today, I realize how much I appreciate online banking. Of course, it was fantastic weather and walking uptown and back was actually a very enjoyable experience. And it wasn't like I didn't have the time ...

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Search Results: Not Expecting Nevada

Luxor in Egypt

It's not a secret that come November we hope to start five months of winter in Egypt. Were it not for last spring's journey to the Near East, life along the Nile most probably wouldn't have made our list of candidate destinations.

As I have dumped most of my photos from the digital age onto Flickr, I frequently go to that site to search through personal images. It was a little bit of a surprise when I looked for Luxor and came up with this one taken in Nevada.

The Luxor in Nevada

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Enjoying the Heat

I wondered what weeks would be like after retiring. I worked a variety of schedules although a majority of classes probably fell on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. There were times I taught weekend courses. Jay often had schedules when he'd be off on different days and for years, he worked Sundays.

Still, it was easy to think of time as being five work days plus the weekend. I wondered when we took the work part out of the equation, how the rest would seem.

It's much better, of course!

Yet with all that taken into consideration, weekends still seem like weekends. This is when events occur. This is also when people are out and about, especially in Vancouver where so much needs to be packed into the summer months.


East Side Pride

We took the chance this afternoon to visit Commercial Drive in Vancouver. I love that road which was once the Italian Quarter. It has a variety of ethnic restaurants and a tiny, quirky, Bohemian feel. As it happened, East Side Pride was being celebrated in Grandview Park. We took the #20 from the SkyTrain Station but walked back along the street to the station. I still had enough time on my transit ticket to go to Waterfront, the end of the line, in downtown Vancouver.

A Princess

Canada Place

Only one cruise ship was at Canada Place but it was a pleasant 30C today. People are talking about how hot it is. I will never complain about the heat. I love life at these temperatures.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Primarily Along the Fraser

On bright, hot days, such as this, the primary colours stand out.

Bike Near Tugs
Out Front

Today's short walk to get a little exercise took me by the New Westminster Quay at around noon. In the first photo, I was lying on the slope of the berm in luxuriously green grass of the Westminster Pier Park. The second two shots were taken near the Fraser River Discovery Centre.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Closer to Home

Today, we ran errands and I noticed the heat really is coming! We picked up some local blueberries at the market as well as the first BC cherries we've bought this year. I've got to say that this really is one of my favourite times of year in British Columbia.

In recent weeks, I've already written about getting ready for a little, BC road trip. We will travel for just four nights as Bella Coola is only 600 miles away. We shouldn't run into crowds if we leave on a Monday and return on a Friday. I think the week of my birthday would be perfect. I've always liked having a summer birthday.

Got the tent, check.

Now I'm getting down to brass tacks by planning out a schedule. I think it'd be good to stick to driving a leisurely 4 or 5 hours per day on the way. That will allow us to stop at every pull out on the highway. It will also allow us to set up the tent early and check out the area around each provincial campground. However, we can do half the distance on the way back and can stay one night somewhere in the middle. I have a list of four provincial campgrounds which might work out.

The first night will be in Marble Canyon Provincial Park. Here is the government website information. I also went to Flickr to see if anyone had posted public pictures. I don't generally use other people's pictures in my blog, but I'd like to thank the following photographer for giving me a view before I see it myself.

IN YOU I REFLECT  (Crown Lake)
This Flickr photo was taken by DespiteStraightLines.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Downtown Cairo in November

For sure, I absolutely enjoy formalizing travel plans. I like how trips change from vague ideas into specific dates and places. At later stages, actually booking the nights in hotels further cements an itinerary.

For example, we knew we were going to spend next winter in Luxor, Egypt back in February. We have only known our flight choices and details since last week. And today, we booked and paid for part of our journey, the nights in Cairo.

My Square II

We still have not confirmed where we'll stay during a prior 5-night stopover in Dubai. Yet, we're now positive of where we'll be sleeping in the Egyptian capital. Our nights will be in a familiar place near Taalat Al Harb Square. We started our Near East trip there in the spring of 2014. I love the vibrancy of that area. This time, our stay in Cairo will last four nights. Then, we expect to head up to Luxor on a train as it runs south beside the Nile River.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

sfc /scannow

Oh, Windows 8.1! You're supposed to automatically update on both my Toshiba notebook and Acer netbook at the end of next month. I hope you still retain some of your classic charms in version 10 for the nerdy of the world. I would hate it if your switch to a modern OS were to take away your complicated and hard to understand underbelly.

This box is running in another window as I am typing today's entry. I am attempting to rectify a serious, yet mysterious, problem causing slow boot ups.


Okay, I will admit it. I get the tiniest rush of excitement when returning to a command prompt, just like the ones from 1989. Finding it is a little more obtuse and needing to right click helps to retain that feeling of magic alchemy. I don't get to don my robe and ready my incantations often nowadays, but it can be a nice diversion.

Long live dark complication and software subterfuge! Such things help to set me apart from the hoi polloi in the same way as religious rites and indoctrination were often used.