Eight randomly selected images from my "Daily Pics" collection dating from July of 2005.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014



A few years back, the movie studios made the calculated decision to embrace 3-D releases. The costs must have been enormous, but the gamble seems to be paying off. Most movies we see in the cinema require the special glasses. If it is just an ordinary release, we generally will just wait around until it is released via streaming.

Today, I think I liked Captain American: The Winter Soldier. It was an impressive try at making the old comic seem relevant today. The NSA surely seems to have made Hydra topical.

Monday, April 14, 2014

On the Steps to the Library

Library Project

It looks like a small class as some were missing when we took this picture. What a great day for our library project though! Just walking across campus felt great because of the weather. Generally, I do not post photos of the students I'm currently teaching. However, as this group will write their final examination on Wednesday, it seems close enough to the end.

I often say it, but this is one class I really will miss.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hallways, Stairwells, and Students

I have fewer than a half dozen photos of buildings in which I taught from 1991 to 1996. The photos I do have of Dubai Men's College of the UAE HCT System contain mostly people. I kick myself for not taking ordinary pictures of rooms, parking lots, and public areas. Photos should be more than about the obvious. It is all fun to remember years after the fact.


I found that I do have over 540 photos from the school in which I teach now. I have been at the British Columbia Institute of Technology a long time. I started in 1997 and am still at it. Now, I try to mix in people and photos of the physical surroundings. I guess digital pictures have allowed me to be a more prolific shooter. Click the screen shot above to open one of my Flickr sets.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Next Stop: The West End in June!

A duck swap was a very nice way to spend a Saturday evening. This one was hosted in Richmond. It included dudes dressed down, a walk along the Fraser, lamb, and a Mexican/cranberry cake. Thanks, gents.

Duck Swap in Richmond
Duck Swap in Richmond
Duck Swap in Richmond
Duck Swap in Richmond
Duck Swap in Richmond

Friday, April 11, 2014

Techology for Teachers

During class today, half of my students completed their 12-minute oral presentations. They had to research a local business by visiting one. Then, they needed to interview an employee or staff member by asking a short series of questions. After finding the facts, each had to organize their material into major points via PowerPoint or other presentation software.

I continue to do this task with my classes as I am constantly impressed by the amazing job accomplished by many of my groups.

Today, as I was plugging in my netbook and firing up Win 8.1, I thought how teaching technology has changed since I started my career! My students' USB flash drives were efficient and effective, but I do sometimes miss the smell of sharing information via fresh copies from a spirit duplicator. May you rest in peace, dittos.

Technology for Teachers

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Change is the Only Constant

Things were different when the title was first attributed by Heraclitus, but it has held true over the last 2500 years. In fact, the only reason for today's entry is to post a photo of my nearest intersection. I do silly things like this now, as when I look over older photos of downtown New Westminster, we've seen many changes. Bear in mind we didn't move here until 1996, but so much is different.

Sixth and Carnarvon

The area shown the northeast corner of Sixth and Carnarvon. Most recently the corner building was owned by Fraser Health and called Gyro Centre. There are also a garage and two, very old houses in the midst of being demolished. This will make way for a new commercial block and 26-storey residential tower.

When we moved to this city I had no idea that we'd see so much downtown development. I see it all as completely desirable. Living here is safer and more exciting than when we bought property.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

I Smelled No Roses

Okay, there weren't any roses and I didn't stop to smell 'em. Yet, I was following the spirit of that saying when I took these photos today. I was on the way back from class this afternoon.

Deer Lake Park, Burnaby

I pass by Deer Lake Park when I drive from the Burnaby campus, home to New Westminster. I cannot see the lake from Kingsway, the main road, but it takes literally less than a minute to drive and park at the south end. After class, I stayed to photocopy my handouts for the remaining days of my present course. So, I drove home later than usual and I'd not eaten lunch.

Deer Lake Park, Burnaby

The day was so gorgeous though that I just knew it would be worth pulling into the park area. What can I add? Doing this was most definitely worth it! The ten extra minutes added to my commute home was inconsequential to the lift in mood it provided.