These images are 8 random "Daily Pics" from my Flickr collection dating back to 2005.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Stand-In Sauce

In the summer, I mentioned my newly-found fondness for Lizano Sauce. As that product is produced only in Costa Rica, it is something not commonly available here, even in Hispanic food shops. I did locate a place on Broadway in Vancouver which may carry it. I simply never got around to check that out.

I loved the flavour of Lizano Salsa, as it tasted of tamarind to me. Closer inspection of its label showed only vegetables such as carrots as ingredients. The vegetable stock must be boiled down resulting in a sauce-like consistency.


Fortunately last week I discovered the bottle of Tamerina by Maggi at the Superstore. The Indian sauce is a perfect replacement for Lizano. I will no longer be on the lookout nor tempted to order Lizano bottles from ebay.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Non-Poetic Ode

It's funny how a piece of technology can creep up and quickly become indispensable.


Not that long ago the idea of carrying around a computer screen was the stuff of pure science fiction. Now, I utterly cannot imagine sitting around the house without having my tablet within reach. The world seems accessible via its pixels and audio. It constantly does so many varied yet crucial things for me.

(It will even display this entry, a sure sign of infinite utility.)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Warehouse for Paper

City Hall
New Westminster, BC City Hall

I walked uptown because it was sunny and warm.

I rested in the library and noticed ads on the catalogue-computers touting a New Westminster Public Library app. There literally is an app for everything. I've always thought that designing a mobile-optimized website would make more sense than going to the trouble of creating and maintaining an iOS and Android app.

I have to admit it was fun to sign-in to the NWPL app. I did a phone search at the shelves rather than returning, all of 10 meters, to check the catalogue on one of the library's computers. The scanner wouldn't read my library card barcode from my phone, so I had to get my physical card out of my wallet. I did verify on the phone that the chosen cookbook was checked out when I was on the other side of the main doorway.

Ironically, an hour or so later, while comfortably sitting on the sofa at home with tablet in hand, I downloaded Water for Elephants: A Novel using the same library card number.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Looking South

Would I like to trade my view from the balcony for this one for a while?

View to south - Mismaloya

I blogged a bit this location last Thursday. I think we shall keep inquiring about its availability. There are, as I'm starting to appreciate, great things about having a schedule which is completely open. I can remember trying to shoehorn plans and activities around a work schedule. (Of course that was last week, so I surely hope I can remember that far back.)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Crossing the Tracks

A storm may be on its way but at present it's just grey outside. The remains of Hurricane Ana will be visiting later tonight. I expect she will blow out the gas fireplace as these type of Pacific coast winds sometimes do. This means the season is really here!

Overpass to Park

I realized that the pedestrian overpass to Pier Park definitely missed a summer completion. I really don't know when it was supposed to be finished, so maybe the construction is right on target. I did notice that a batch of clear glass arrived, apparently for the elevator enclosure.

Having the pedestrian walkway will make our river-side park so much more accessible for us. I look forward to its opening. As we still have not pinned down any specific plans for this winter yet, it could be opened before we escape to a sunny location.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rural Richmond

For the first Sunday in ages, Jay didn't have to go to work.

We decided to take a quick trip to Richmond, BC just for the drive. The day started off grey but has turned increasingly brighter. We'd never travelled on the completed, South Fraser Parimeter Highway, so we popped across the Puttullo here and travelled west all the way to 91. Then, on the other side of the tunnel we turned onto the Steveston Highway.

We stopped at the Richmond Buddhist Temple.

Richmond, BC

Although we came back via the Westminster Highway, we did go east to turn at #6 Road. This allowed us to stop at the Richmond Country Market. They had huge boxes of Okanagan apples and, of course, quite few local pumpkins.

Richmond, BC

Saturday, October 25, 2014



For quite a few years, Saturday mornings have been earmarked for grocery shopping. Now our schedule is our own, but the routine continued today.

Our Real Canadian Superstore is in Coquitlam. It takes about 10 minutes to drive to it as it's near Highway 1. Recently, it has taken us a bit longer to shop though. This particular store is being renovated. In fact, it has been under renovation for the last few months. It is a bit of an adventure each week trying to find where things are. This has not been just changing a few aisles; the whole store is in the middle of extensive changes.

I have to have a word with myself as sometimes I'm annoyed by the slow pace of the modifications. There are places where people don't even have enough to eat, and I'm annoyed by a little inconvenience! Even if food prices seem expensive nowadays, in North America, we are fortunate to have one of the largest selections at some of the lowest prices on earth.