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Sunday, February 07, 2016

What's New in Ramla? - Day 95

As far as I know there's no newspaper coverage specifically for the West Bank of Luxor, Egypt. I've also not noticed any events broadcast from the Ramla part of the village here.

It is not terribly hard to figure out when something new arrives in the neighbourhood though. For example, a local family at the end of our street recently got a new puppy. Today, the kids happily shared this bit of news with us with some hands-on proof.

The New Puppy

Lots of Kids


Saturday, February 06, 2016

Outside Space - Day 94

I love my little patches of outdoors.

Sunny Saturday

Upper Stairs

It was a very low-key day today. We didn't do much except hang around. The garden here is a great little area. Jay feeds the birds and so there is always cheerful chriping. Today the good weather continued although it may have only reached 24C in the afternoon.

I did check on the Egyptian National Railways website to see about taking a short trip to the city of Qena. It's only about 80 kilometer north of here. We saw a bit of it from the bus windows when going to Hurghada in December. The trains take about 65 minutes to go between the cities. We can jump on the 9:30 AM and return on the 5:10 PM trains. Perhaps we could take in the Dendera Temple and have a nice lunch in town as well. This type of planning comprised the hardest part of my afternoon. So the outside offered a welcomed place to spend the day.

On a day back at home, I'd be confined to a smaller area. I do love our apartment balcony and spend a lot of time on it when in British Columbia. At this time of year; though, it would likely look like this old photo.

Taken on January 6, 2011 at 2:39 PM

Friday, February 05, 2016

Staring in the Mirror - Day 93

It has been a while since I patted myself on the back for my blogging prowess. Does anyone still write a blog? Well, in my case I've not stopped. I personally know of marriages that haven't lasted as long as my eJournal and images.

It is amazing to me that all my words typed over the last dozen years are still accessible via the Internet. Formatting can change however. For example, I simplified the full screen version by tweaking the layout in many small ways today. The world is small; I am in a villa in Egypt!

Screenshot 2016-02-05 16.08.47

Nowadays, of the 140 or so daily readers, some land on a special, mobile version for phones and tablets. To me, the experience is better on the full-screen version. For example, there are many more search tools in the footer section when viewing in my computer's browser.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Buying and Inquiring - Day 92

The weather is getting better and better. Today was the warmest day since, at least, December.

Leben Bike

35 Egyptain Pounds

Oasis Hotel

We went over to the East Bank of Luxor to run a few errands. It was time for a cash withdrawal from the HSBC ATM. I went in to change larger EP200 notes for some smaller, and I was reminded I was in a Middle Eastern bank despite the name on the door. We also picked up some items at a supermarket, as well as some other shops. We've been eating mostly chicken for meat but we hadn't bought a fully-cooked, rotisserie one until today. It was nice walking around in the sun.

In addition, we stopped at a travel agent near the Winter Palace Hotel. I feel it is time to start checking on a little 'Nile Cruise' break. Although I crossed that entry off my bucket-list in 2014, it turned out to be a really delightful memory. In fact, the reason we ended up here at all this winter is because we woke up, pulled the shades back, and saw the mountains of the Valley of the Kings from our stateroom.

The following box recounts the day prior to that when we came from Aswan down the Nile to Luxor. This year, I think we should take a boat south, up the river, and come back by train.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Tea Time - Day 91

It is difficult to come to many conclusions when searching for coffee consumption stats by country. There seem to be a lot of conflicting claims. One thing is safe to say: I don't make a very conversant person before my first cup of morning coffee. It comes as closely as possible to the wearing of my glasses. (Only 'cause it'd be hard to do the other way round.)

Yet when the afternoon arrives, there's no doubt that I have developed a tea addiction. Fortunately, Egyptians, as those from most countries in the region, drink a lot of it. They may not be as quick to add milk though.


Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Full of Hot Air - Day 90

And Eat It Too!

Luxor is a half day ahead of Iowa, so I was able to send my sister birthday greetings early. Even without electronic reminders, I'd not forget it because it occurs on Groundhog Day! On Facebook, I wished her another 'Happy 29th' but I'm a couple of decades off on that one! I even added pictures of cake pieces we bought in the West Bank village. I am happy to report I can eat them all as she admitted to liking lemon meringue pie.


I forgot to tell her that balloons were launched in Luxor this morning as well. I counted three which were airborne several kilometers south of the villa. Hot-air balloons are a thing here .

Monday, February 01, 2016

Some Sun - Day 89

February's weather is off to a good start here in Luxor. January had some days much cooler than I had anticipated. This Google screen graphic, however, shows that we are in for a pretty good upcoming week. Nights will still require an extra blanket though.

Screenshot 2016-02-01 15.39.28

We didn't go far today.

Jay seems to really like maintaining the garden. He enjoys watering the plants both inside the garden and outside. Of course he did grow up with jungle as his backyard. This could be why he likes taking care of plants.

He has also trained most of the birds from the West Bank to fly here for bird-food. A few sets of doves are most always here. He also has dozens of finches stopping by at regular intervals.