These images are 8 random "Daily Pics" from my Flickr collection dating back to 2005.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Last Swap for 2014


Thanks so much for having us to dinner before we go away for the winter. We went to the West End. We brought the ducks home to sit in the empty apartment in New Westminster. They'll get back into circulation when we return from Puerto Vallarta. Expect the next duck dinner to take place in May 2015.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Addition of an ---- ed!

This afternoon, I walked through Tipperary Park on the way to the barber. It was hardly worth the visit as I have started wearing a ponytail and just needed a bit off the sides. I took a photo of the duck pond. I often change my Facebook background image and wanted to replace the old one. I uploaded it.

I noticed that Facebook now indicates that I used to work at BCIT. I must have updated my work statistics months and months ago by entering my early-retirement, end date. Yet, the verb has changed without further intervention on my part. Hey Facebook, thanks for noticing.


My final day of class took place exactly a month ago today. My official retirement date from BCIT was on November 1st however.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Goodbye, Academy Ratio!

Landmark Cinemas

I suppose I have spent the majority of my screen life at a 4:3 ratio. That was how I watched Gilligan's Island. Yet, I think even for standard photographs, it is time to switch to a wider format. Today, I took this picture in the lobby of the Landmark Cinemas in New Westminster. I have switched my phone camera to save in this format even though that means giving up a bit of the image. Wide images have begun to personally feel more normal than the older standards.

I have always been intrigued by screen ratios. I've studied a lot about them on my own. This topic is a perfect way to show how most technology is incremental rather than revolutionary. Society sort of became accustomed to the old TV standard by decisions made long before the advent of broadcasting. It all goes back to failed patients by Edison well before even the previous century. It is strange that decisions from the late 1800's affected televisions until 16x9 screens became the most commonly sold format five short years ago!

There has been a lot of wild experimentation in between. These formats look very silly: 2.35:1, 2.39:1, or 2.40:1. It never really made sense to go that wide as theatres never suddenly increased in width. The top and bottom of the images were simply cut. That may have been novel but it surely wasn't an improvement..

1.77:1 is the ratio of a 16x9 screen and is the perfect modern compromise. I'd like to see all Hollywood films shot in a compatible format. Oh, and stop making iPad or Android tablets in any other dimensions!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Who ... Who?

Walk Way

We're only here for one week more, so we're not going to be around for the opening of the walkway overpass to Pier Park. I guess when getting back at the end of April, we will be able to get to the Fraser River much more easily.

I walked down to Sixth Street across the parkade. I am not sure when the demolition of the west end of that concrete monstrosity will take place. It'd be nice if that were also gone when we get back in the spring. The sun wasn't visible today at all. I walked through the Thrift Shop and back home via Columbia Street. There are such great donated items in there. For example, my Ugly Knick-Knack award today goes to the following ornament.

Who ... would want this in his or her house?

Who (Would Want This)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gimme Five!

Sundari Francis Bala said via Facebook, "I'm doing nothing. Just being," and today, I have to completely agree. The main accomplishment was a bit of planning for our next adventure. A week from tonight we'll be heading to the airport. Oh, and as the screenshot shows, my phone upgraded to Android V5, nicknamed Lollipop.

High 5

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let's Have Lunch in the U.S.


I don't want to sound boastful. Well, maybe I'd not mind if that happens a little bit. It just feels so nice having our time as our own. I mean our schedule is utterly and completely up to us nowadays. Even a vacation from work was temporary, so no matter how enjoyable they seemed, I always knew, in the back of my mind, future work existed. Ha.

Today, we decided to head to Bellingham after we got emailed coupons for The Old County Buffet at Bellis Fair Mall. Generally when when take a monthly or so trip 21 miles to the border and the same distance to the city, we stock up on groceries. Today, we found only a few things to buy as we are only in BC for another nine days. We didn't need to bring back six pounds of cheap cheese nor any of the other items which cost more in Canada.

On Facebook, I have already posted a few photos of a couple of the plates of food we consumed. So here is all the dessert we could stuff in at the end of the meal.

Many plates later.

Monday, November 17, 2014

There You Are, You Old Bag!

I'd venture that we have probably packed for more flights over the last thirty years than many, more-typical folks. Getting ready for trips, though, has changed over the years.

First, I remember when people coming to pick one up could go right up to the arrival gate. In those days it was okay to have a bit more carry-on than one could handle, as family or friends could help carry it out of the airport upon arrival. In some ways that seemed faster than waiting for luggage to get to the carousels.

Then, after 9/11, getting through security became such a hassle it became better to try to stick everything inside one's check-in. That allowed one to jump through the process of getting aboard the plane without being so intrusively molested.

Now, of course, many airlines have begun charging $25 to check a bag. So, on short trips we try to get by with what can fit in the overhead bins.


A lot depends on the length of the journey but we have spent months traversing parts of Europe or Asia with just a backpack and one carry-on sized bag. Yet, this upcoming flight to Puerto Vallarta is going to be different. We have found our old, larger bags because WestJet allows one free piece of checked luggage when flying out of Vancouver directly into Mexico. As we are going to be gone for months, the things we are putting in are not typical.

We are going to be living there for a while, so we will buy a lot of what we need right there. Also, we must consider that many items are probably cheaper in pesos. Still there's the convenience factor to consider: sometimes it's easier to throw an item into the bag than go around looking for it upon arrival.

Things never stay the same.