These are eight, random "Daily Photographs" from my personal Flickr collection.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Today's Crash Site

We knew something was up in Pier Park. Actually, we learned this morning that apparently something was 'downed'.

Our area is so often used for movie and television filming that it's sort of a game for us to spot familiar places when watching. Credits generally show filming as being in Vancouver; however, scenes from around the Lower Mainland area are often used. New Westminster always gets a fair share of the annual productions. I've seen 6th Avenue closed due to a Godzilla rampage, Will Smith on Front Street in iRobot, and Mark Wahlberg's stunt guy in a car plunging into the Fraser River.

We often get a make-over with a few changes in street signs, US flags flapping, and US Post Boxes scattered around. The most popular genre of local production seems to be scifi. This probably started back for production of TV series such as The X-Files, and Stargate runs. There is a big pool of talent located here. I'm sure the cheap Canadian dollar doesn't hurt either.


Shooting in the Parkade

Crash Site

This morning I took the photos above from my balcony. Fourth Street is closed, that entrance to the 'parkade' is full of production staff, and an alien ship appears to have ditched in Pier Park. I read today's commotion is for the remake of The Preditor which will be released next summer.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Streaming from Singapore

Switching to any of the 'supposed' news channels offers me identical local, national, and international stories. Oh, and by the way, trending YouTube videos are NOT news!


I can watch live television news from just about anywhere via my Android TV Box. Often it is nicer and necessary to broaden one's horizons.

I find it tragically ironic that the Internet provides pretty much the whole world at one's fingertips; yet, during the last 20 years people seem to have become a great deal more ignorant and insular.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Combing Through Itineraries

Being able to consider future plans is a wonderful situation.

Of course for us that means thinking of new places to explore. I really cannot fathom the lives of people who are not interested in seeing the world. God has given us all a great, big place to inhabit. Those who don't make its exploration a priority seem to me to be disrespectful of that immeasurable gift.


When depressed, humans have trouble thinking of any sort of bright future. Conversely, now that we again find ourselves talking about future adventures, I'm very happy, indeed.

Friday, April 21, 2017

I Do Enjoy Making my own Vitamin D

Note to Self: In future years, should we return to being a migratory species, I must remember that the final week of April is a perfect time to get back to this part of British Columbia.


I don't think I've felt the sun on my face since last September. It is a welcome change. I have my balcony again!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Scheduled Maintenance

We pay a monthly fee for maintenance at our condo buildings. I haven't cut grass nor shoveled snow for years. More importantly, the money keeps the garage doors opening and closing, the elevators working, the swimming pool clean, and the lights lit in the lobby and common areas. Actually, there are a great many expenses to keep our buildings in such a tiptop shape. These notices were left at everyone's doors today.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Surfer Dude sans a Board


I'm back at getting more of my old blog images off my personal server. By archiving these on Flickr, I will ensure that this blog can live-on once I pull the plug on my own domain URLs. Today, I was working on fixing the entries from October 2004. I'm not done as it takes a while.

Oh, my that was a long time ago, already. The photo above was taken at the surfer beach on Sri Lanka's east coast. Jay cannot help but appear tragically hip and beachy. It was our first time visiting Arugam Bay. At the time, we needed to travel through Tamil controlled checkpoints to get there. Interestingly, it was also pre-tsunami.

Lots can change in more than 12 years. A lot has. We have remained amazingly cool though.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Google Should've Known Better

Flight Not TakenElephants aren't the only things which don't forget; Google doesn't either. My phone showed me the screen to the right today in preparation for a flight tomorrow. These plans were changed five months ago!

This winter we stayed around home after finding out at the last minute about Jay's heart blockages. We didn't stay in Penang nor Siem Reap as was our plan. We didn't travel around Malaysia nor Cambodia. We witnessed a very unusual, snowy Vancouver winter. And we arranged for Jay to get a major tune up! However, now that he is getting stronger every single day after his surgery, we will be able to go wherever we wish next winter. That is an excellent feeling.

We've not yet discussed plans for after our BC summer yet. We needn't really reschedule what we didn't do this winter. We could, but we don't have to. In fact, I was thinking it might be a perfect winter to spend a lot of time back in Sri Lanka with side trips to other parts of Asia.

Having the world as our oyster feels pretty phenomenal.

Monday, April 17, 2017

After One Week at Home

I drove Jay home from the Royal Columbian Hospital a week ago yesterday. Since that time, he's been healing with startling daily improvements.

Yet, to complicate things a bit, he came down with a case of the flu after being home a few days. This is probably not terribly surprising considering how much stress his immune system must be under. There are just so many places to heal! His coughing yesterday was uncomfortable, but not dangerous. Today he's already much better after taking lots of Tylenol Cold and Flu medicine.

56 StaplesToday, felt like a big step forward though. I drove him to a 10:30 appointment with the family doctor. This was his first visit to see Dr. Decouto after bypass surgery. He brought a little package from the hospital. The doctor used it to remove all 89 surgical staples. Jay had veins removed from both legs to use for the grafts. So the total number of tiny pieces of metal was greater than for many patients. The picture shows his lower legs soon after surgery in the hospital.

Our doctor was pleased with how the incisions are healing. In fact, the next appointment, with any medical professional, is for his cardiologist in three weeks.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Missed It When I was Eight

Camelot (1967)I like movies and I like the ease with which one can now catch up on films from the past.

We consume a tremendous amount of streamed video. In fact as we have television via IP, I guess you can say that everything shown on the screen comes in over an Internet connection nowadays. Much of what we watch is a one-off deal. For example, I cannot see any need to save much of what we watch. Yet, I have never gone over my broadband limits, so I often search for movies to download. There's a 2 TB portable drive connected to my Android TV box.

As I had Telus cancel our landline last week, I opted to pay a few bucks more a month to get 25 Mbps service. That also means I now get 300 GB of data per month to use. I think I'll be doing a bit more downloading. I hate the idea of not bumping up against my limits.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Blue is a Beautiful Colour

It is nice to know there's still blue sky up there. It was hidden by a lot of rainy clouds for the last month or so. I felt stepping onto the balcony for a shot was absolutely a must.

The trees are still a little slow budding given the rather harsh winter we've had. I should run out this week and grab some shots of cherry trees in bloom, even though they are also late and not as spectacular as some years. Yet lots of beautiful things happen as things warm up.

I'm stoked for more spring weather. In fact, with Jay on the mend, I'm stoked for the entire British Columbian summer. I cannot think of a location on earth I'd rather be during the next six months.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring Celebrations

Yesterday was Sinhalese New Year in Sri Lanka. That makes it today now here, sort of. Time gets a bit confusing when comparing places on the opposite sides of the globe. Colombo is twelve and a half hours ahead of Vancouver now as we're on DST.

We started the day with a special breakfast. This lunch was not so unusual. Well, the rice does have rose water and real saffron. But the fact is, we ate a fewer number of items than during normal days. We are still catching up on making food. I say 'we' as I now try to help out. I ate most everything Jay'd made and packed in the refrigerator during his days in the hospital.

New Year's Lunch

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Life is the Little Things

No matter how much we try to fight it, routine is comforting.

Today, we got back up to Langley Farm Market. Most every week, we try to stop at the Kingsway branch to buy fruit and vegetables. A week ago today, Jay had just been moved to the Cardiac Step-down Unit from Intensive Care at Royal Columbian Hospital. This morning, though, we got back to one of our routines.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Offer's Too Late

End of an EraThe Telus Loyalty Representative asked, "Are you sure I can't convince you to keep the line for a price of only $10/month?"

"No, we've already moved to our new Ooma number." "However, thanks for charging me $27/month for that line for a phone number we've paid for since the summer of 1996," I answered.

We did sort of enjoy considering all the people who may have had our old number. Changing wasn't much trouble, at all. It was something to keep us busy the week before Jay's heart surgery. We, of course, were reluctant to change over completely until now as the hospital, doctors, and specialists had that number.

As of about 2:30 AM tomorrow, 604-524-6197 will no longer belong to us. We have a new number and Jay has completely new blood-flow to his heart. It's a great time of year for a fresh start!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Slaving over a Hot Samsung Surface


Yes, I'll freely admit it, I'm spoilt. Jay is quite a cook and his background with typical tropical spices is unsurpassed. We have a whole regular kitchen cupboard dedicated to all sorts of things in bottles and jars. I recognize the familiar tastes but as I've admitted before, I don't know my coriander from my cumin. He's been feeding me for 32 years, with my nary lifting a finger in the kitchen.

As he was just getting out of the operating room for open heart surgery last week at this time, there are all sorts of restrictions on what he's supposed to be doing around the house. Mostly because they cut his collarbone to get inside his chest, Jay is restricted in reaching to the top shelves and lifting more than five pounds. Mostly that's meant that today he was the supervisor and I was the cook.

Oh my God, what a lot of work! Just cutting up five potatoes made my hands hurt. I'm not adept at all with knives. At least spices, once I get used to the names, will be easier. In this type of cooking knowing 'just how much' is more of an art than a test in measuring. We made a chicken curry as well as a potato one. I love the chick peas, but I'd not have suspected they needed to be soaked overnight. These will form just a small part of our lunches for much of the rest of the week.

Oops, I've got to get moving. I hear the whip cracking!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Valid for a Year

Old PermitLast week, some friends wanted to drive here for a hospital visit to see Jay. We have just two-hour parking on the street in front of our condo. When I went to get out our New Westminster street parking permit for them, I realized it'd expired.

These passes have always expired at the end of March. Yet, I was reminded that the procedure for renewal has changed. Rather than just stopping by City Hall for a renewal, it is possible to do so online.

It was a process that took only a few minutes and my credit card number. The new pass is supposed to arrive within 5 to 10 days in the post. There's a price for progress though: They used to cost $5 per year but have increased to $15.

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