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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

These Dozen Years = 4,383 Days

Twelve years ain't much in the annals of world history. Yet, in blogging terms, my period of active engagement must be mighty rare.


I learned about blogger.com on this date in 2003. I signed up right away which was the same year that Google bought the service from Pyra Labs. I have dutifully added an entry for each day since.

I'm not sure whether I anticipated sticking with it so long during the very first week of blogging. Yet here we are today! It does serve as a useful tool for me to remember when specific events occurred and even hints at my general feelings during a specific time-frame.

I cannot envision a time when I will end this project.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Android on the Netbook

Okay. Why would I spend time learning how to override Acer's Windows 10 boot sequence, download an ISO copy of Lollipop, and figure out how to use the Rufus app to created a bootable USB drive?


I guess, 'cause I can. Oh, and it's windy and pouring out.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Thank God for SD Cards


A friend is contemplating the purchase of a still camera or camcorder with a zoom. He asked about the camcorder we use now. Rather than writing out much of an answer, I simply snapped a photo of it with my phone in the return message.

I sent him a link to YouTube in order to view some output from the Canon. Additionally, I wanted to show him some of the area where we will go in several months to stay for the upcoming winter. I hope he watches on a device capable of full 1080P.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Riding Out the Storm

At noon the wind started blowing. It started really putting on a show. The weather seemed more like a November storm.

Around 12:30 I couldn't get to a webpage. I glanced up to see that the modem lights were not blinking. In fact, nothing electric had any indications of life. Wow. Power outage! We never lose power in our neighbhourhood. Someplace close, in Burnaby, the major hydroelectric lines from Northern BC tie into the lower-mainland grids. That generally means that while other circuits may be affected by fallen trees, we aren't.

We cooked lunch on our Coleman campstove.

Lunch Prep

We took a short afternoon nap.

We still were without power.

We had a dinner invitation downtown, so we went down to the SkyTrain station at about 3:30. There was no service between New West and Metrotown due to downed trees on the rails. We took the Millennium loop to Commercial and got to the West End only about 10 minute later than usual.

My Plate

We had lovely antipasto to kick things off. We also celebrated a Nepali festival with a 9-bean meal.

It was Tim's birthday, his 53rd.

Happy 53rd

The ducks came home to roost here for a few weeks. Maybe we can give send them off to Richmond for a Canadian Thanksgiving duck event.

10 Years of Duck

Friday, August 28, 2015

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Going into a retail clothing store offers little in the way of surprises. That can't be said about our local thrift shop; going inside is much more of an adventure. One's never quite sure of what might be waiting to come home.

2015_08_28 Jay's New Duds

It's always a good idea to have attire for any occasion in the closet. Now, if Jay ever gets an invitation to participate in an East Indian wedding, he'll be ready. And it was practically a steal.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Showing One's Age

Humans are creatures of habit. Perhaps that is why reminiscing is a natural aspect of growing old.

I find it interesting that this propensity seems to extend to production choices in media. As a kid I knew sudden black and white in a movie indicated something in a scene from the past. It was a common cliche, a shortcut in storytelling. I don't think that is so prevalent today as we gave up on b&w before many people were born. The general population no longer has an innate sense of history connected to the lack of colour.

Similarly today, I was listening to Meghan Trainor's Dear Future Husband on my phone. (I blame Google Play for having it there rather than a conscious choice I made.) I noticed the use of crackle and hiss as a means to indicate past thoughts. It is funny how we can count on previous technologies to reinforce things that are now past.

Lined Up with 6th

Even still digital photography is affected by our knowledge of film. In this photo, I added a bit of vignetting around the corners with a photo editor. The brash, side-to-side clarity of modern cameras make some images seem a bit too jarring. We feel comfortable seeing photos with darkened corners. That's how they were for most of our lives.

Cool, eh?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy?

Screenshot_2015-08-26-14-35-53I'm eclectic. When it comes to music I truly enjoy many, many types.

I admit to having more time to explore genres I'd never have contemplated when working. I was fairly up-to-date with modern pop during this past winter. In Mexico, we had a good enough Internet connection for me to stream a lot. I figured out a way to copy it to my phone so I could take my daily walk in the sun while learning the newest artists. Some new stuff is simply amazing. I sort of don't understand why some songs fit into the defined, specific categories.

In the old days it was expensive to immerse oneself in unfamiliar music. Now, that's clearly not the case. Thank you, Internet.

Earlier this morning, I was updating my music on Google Play. At one point I uploaded thousands of old favourites I'd collected when music first turned digital. I keep adding to that. Honestly, it is a little hard today figuring out what is streaming and what is in my own library there. Playlists and stations are obviously different things, yet they can all tickle my ears on a mere request.

Moments ago, I was searching for the genre name for country-type of music that involves splashing around on a beach, flipflops, and drinking cold Coronas. I didn't really figure out what it's called, much less the artists most apt to sing a song like that.

I did find It's Five O'Clock Somewhere Radio. It wasn't really what I was looking for. It surely is fun, in a slightly ironic sort of way though.