These images are 8 random "Daily Pics" from my Flickr collection dating back to 2005.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Iguana Style Season's Greetings - Day 25

Couldn't Find a Santa Hat

We have some wild iguanas living above our apartment. We hear them scurrying around between the cement ceiling and the upper roof. Perhaps it gets nice and toasty in there as that's something they seem to appreciate. On occasion, we can spot a head or tail sticking out if we peer around the side of the balcony.

I just heard them and immediately thought: Iguana in a Santa Hat!

I ran to Google with the phrase because, as we know, the Internet contains just about anything we can think up and then some. Unfortunately, I didn't like any of what the giant search engine spit up. I did remember having at least one good iguana photo on Flickr from our 2010 visit when we were in Mismaloya. I could use that!

Yet, when I decided to create my own image of a Santa-hatted iguana, I ran smack-dab into another unfortunately. I couldn't find any appropriately-shaped clip art. In desperation, I had to substitute this sombrero instead. In the state of Jalisco that seems perhaps more appropriate anyway.

As a result, I am sure this iguana is wishing you Feliz Navidad, just like José Feliciano and I did the other day.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

I'm Good - Day 24

I've always felt a little pride in the fact I can do nothing quite well. No, I don't mean I can't do anything; I am trying to say that I have always been pretty good at not needing to be running hither and thither to be happy. I still have a hard time understanding why people asked, "What are you going to do when you retire?" What kind of idiotic question is that?

I do have to admit being in Puerto Vallarta might make it easy to relax. Changing to a completely different routine for a while can ensure that years of accumulated bad habits can be erased. Even here though, I am finding this lifestyle a little different. In the past, we'd sometimes be down here for one short week at a time. For example in the seven-day trip of exactly a year ago, we visited the zoo, explored the botanical gardens, walked this entire south-side community,and went by bus to Sayulita. On other trips of an equally abbreviated nature, we never sat around much ether as there was always a boat to Yalapa to find, or something.

Now we've been here for three weeks and I can finally say I'm really relaxing. At first there was the shopping to do in order to set ourselves up here for five months. That didn't take long. At last, I still see enough free time ahead to not have to find challenges were there needn't be any. Living is enough of a satisfaction, especially at these temperatures.

Sat-ur-day to the Park

Simply walking down to the park at the end of Olas Atlas to see the Saturday market, stopping at Guadalajara Pharmacy to pick up milk and youghurt, and buying a few potatoes from the farmer who parks on our street seemed like enough of a morning for me.

Maybe, I will go swimming this afternoon.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Pier at Los Muertos - Day 23

This morning, I changed my Facebook cover page to one taken on the edge of the pier at Los Muertos beach. Yesterday evening, I had taken another there. In fact, by the time we go back in April, I can only assume that there will be dozens or even hundreds at my Flickr account. For years, I have simply taken pictures of what I see every day.

Sunny Friday
Three Weeks Here

During a short, one-day visit from a cruise ship in 2008, and when on vacation here and in Guadalajara in 2010, the old pier was a rather ordinary structure. We liked it. Although not as visually impressive, we loved that one too as folks could and did fish right off the deck.

A Day in Puerto Vallarta 09
A Day in Puerto Vallarta 17

When we were here in February of 2012, I have no pictures of a pier because there wasn't one! The previous one had been demolished and only some initial work was occurring on the base footings of the new pier.

This, now iconic structure, is a nice addition to Puerto Vallarta. The first time we witnessed it in person was during our trip of last December.

The 8th
A New Month

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's Not Too Early Now - Day 22

Is it the 17th?

We have a string of Christmas lights hanging around a metal gate by our door here. They were 29 pesos at Walmart. There were even a few ornaments in the cupboards of this rental apartment.

It's getting closer. Now that Christmas Day is only one week way, I guess it's safe to to post greetings here. I just want to wish you all a warm, safe, and merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's the Beach, Baby! - Day 21

When I was a youngster, my sister and I visited with my great aunt and uncle in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I can remember at the time, we'd pack up the car and go for some time at the beach. I asked my aunt Olive if she went everyday to which she answered, "No." I couldn't believe it! It was winter back in New Hampshire and I figured that if one were so close to a beach then they'd probably visit it daily.

Skip forward 45 years and I'm a ten minute walk from the other ocean for the whole winter. "Where are we going to walk this morning," Jay asked? My immediate answer wasn't to head to the beach either. Yet, that is why some people fly for thousands of miles here.

Is it the 17th?

I do love the Puerto Vallarta malecon. It's most probably that mile or so of beach-side walkway which originally helped to convince us to return to this town. Later during our stay, I must remember to do a few entries in my eJournal and images on the public art found along the route.

The sky wasn't completely blue today. We still thought maybe we could walk down the malecon to Ley's Supermarket at the other end of the Centro. We needed some cheese and a few other items. As it is about 2.5 kilometers to the other end of the Centro, we jumped on a bus when returning to the apartment. The bags weren't heavy but two bus tickets cost just 15 pesos.

Is it the 17th?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lay of the (Shopping) Land - Day 20

Yesterday afternoon we went up to the Galerias to see the final Hobbit movie. We were happy at the price of $6.10 to see a brand new, 3D flick.

Monday Movie

After checking on the website, we discovered that although the cinemas are comparable, the prices at the Galerias are a bit more than other locations. So, today, we took the TUNEL bus to see if we could find the Macro Plaza (mall). The more we find our way around the area, the happier I am that we are here for the whole winter. Only once, years ago, did we pass the Costco on a bus and that was by accident. Now, we have actually discovered that getting to all points at the north side of town, including the cruise ship terminal is much easier and quicker via TUNEL buses. That will be our preferred way to travel to movies and the largest supermarkets during the rest of our stay in Puerto Vallarta. The bus route going through the tunnels is only one block from the apartment.

Walmart II

Macro Plaza includes the newer Walmart as well as the latest Cinamex. Its Walmart is enormous and has a much better layout than the one by the port. We went in to check and ended up doing some grocery shopping again! There will probably be no reason for us to visit the port area, unless we have a few more visitors this winter coming in by cruise ship.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Vitamins and Minerals - Day 19

Monday at Market

Today's post is early. It's barely noon here on a clear sunny day in Puerto Vallarta. We plan on going to the Galleria Mall to see a movie this afternoon. Because we didn't go yesterday, we walked up to the municipal market to buy a few fruits and vegetables. It's probably a little more than a half kilometer from the apartment. As the produce arrives here directly on the farms' trucks, it seems fresher than what we can find in the supermarkets.

Monday at Market
Monday at Market
Monday at Market
Monday at Market

We, as always, were impressed by the variety at the two main fruit and vegetable shops. (By the way, the baby wasn't for sale.) Eating well is inexpensive here. The tangerines at 5 pesos/kilo means they cost about 16 cents a pound. In fact, the cost of following items we brought home was about US $5.80 in total.

Monday at Market